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Road Trip

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Ever seen National Lampoons Family Vacation?


Both my parents are geography teachers. Naturally, they think that there is nothing my brother (18 months younger)and I would like more during the summer holidays than to drive around the country looking at rocks, hills, mountains, rivers or, damnit.. just holes in the ground. When we get to the coast I swear, my mom actually creams her panties when she says 'Look, Emma. A wave cut platform!'

I guess Chris and I were used to these achingly long trips, always sleeping in the cheapest motels, or even in tents camped out in the woods. But this trip was different. I was older than Chris and well into masturbation. Of course, I missed my boyfriend and jilling off isn't the same as getting full-on laid, but hey, its better than nothing. This trip we would be camping. One tent for mom and dad and one for me and Chris. That was ok. I could jill off without him ever knowing just by squishing my thighs together, but as he sleeps like a log I can usually get a hand down there too and finger myself.

I should have known something was different this time. He was fidgety in the car. (Cheap Oldsmobile, and no aircon) he seemed to be pulling at the front of his shorts a lot and when the heat got to him and he fell asleep in the car, he got himself a very impressive boner. When he woke up he was so embarrassed. I nearly wet myself giggling.

So, that night. We were in our tent and Chris had removed THE biggest spider in the world from on top of my sleeping bag. I made him turn it inside out and shake it good before I got into it. Then, in the darkness he said 'Errm.. Emma. Can I ask you something?' I said 'Sure'. He said 'Errm. I gotta do something... er,,, you know,,, kinda private. You ok with that?' I knew in an instant. He wanted to rub one out. I said 'You wanna jack off huh?' He said. 'Yeah. You cool with that?' Suddenly the thought of my kid brother masturbating a few inches away from me was a real turn on. I said 'Sure, I may rub one off myself.'. So in the darkness, we both started. In silence at first, but then I said 'What do you think about?' He said 'Uhh, I dunno. Girls...and panties... and you know... what they do in them.' I said 'Huh?' He said 'You know.. that wet stuff.' I said 'Oohhh. You mean you like a girl's pussy juices.' He said 'I dunno. Some of the boys say its cool to smell a girls panties when you jack off, but I haven't done that yet. I just like the thought of smelling a girls... cu... erm Sorry, a girl's pussy.'

Listening to him had sure made me wet up big time and I said 'So, you wanna smell some?' He said 'yeah.' So I slipped my panties off and tossed them at him and said 'Be my guest'. By now the moon was out and there as a little light in the tent. I could see Chris pick my panties up and finger them around till he found the sweet spot and then he held them to his face. 'Ohhhh shit, Emma. They smell wonderful.' I had picked up on his use of the 'c' word earlier so I said 'You like the smell of a nice wet cunt huh?' I heard his breathing change and then he said 'Ohh fuck Emma, I'm gonna cum.' I said 'Catch it in my panties.' I just about saw him clamp my panties over his cock and then he tensed and relaxed several times. By now I had two fingers in myself and was almost there. My brother had shot his load into my panties. How kinky was THAT??

Well, that was the start of a really REALLY interesting holiday. My little brother needed teaching and well, I taught him. By the time we got home, there was nothing about a girl he didn't know. I tell you this though, DAMN his fingers were good.!



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