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River Jerk

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I just had an absolutely amazing wank about an hour ago!

I live in a small town, and I live about a five minute walk away from the local river where people often go when its hot out. Fortunately for me, it was morning and its not very nice outside. I got up and put on my bathing suit and a shirt, nothing more. I walked down to the river through a trail near my house, noticing along the way that I only saw one person, and that was a way from the river. I knew this would be fun.

When I got to the river I took off my shoes and shirt, as I would when swimming, but instead of that, I waded out to my knees in the freezing cold water. I looked around and saw nothing but just trees, rocks, and water. No people. It was beautiful. Quickly I pulled off my shorts and threw them on the beach.

I was now completely naked in the river. I looked down at my cock. It was hard and throbbing, begging to be stroked. I have a really big cock, its 9.5 to 10 inches long, and thick enough for me to have a hard time getting my hands around it, but that has never been a problem.

Back to the story. I wet my hands in the river and started rubbing ice cold water all over my cock and balls. The feeling was amazing. I was completely naked, in a public river, stroking my fat cock furiously. I wanked for about 15 minutes, moaning loudly in complete nirvana the whole time. I stopped suddenly when I heard a rustling behind me. I whipped around to see a beautiful girl about the same age as me, holding a dog on a leash, and staring at my cock with wide eyes.

'Oh shit!' I muttered, 'I'm so sorry!'

'It's ok.' She said. 'I've been here for a while, what are you doing?' I told her I was masturbating but she said she didn't know what that was. She told me she grew up christian and went to an all girl's school. I explained it to her and she blushed, then asked me how boys hide their penises when they're always so big and hard. This was when I looked down and noticed that my cock was still as hard as ever, still throbbing, and now had a mixture of ice water and precum dripping off of it. I chuckled.

'Well I have to masturbate for a while and then it will lose its stiffness' I told her. She asked if she could watch. 'Sure.' I said. 'But you have to get naked and get in the water with me.' I waded back out until my balls were now under water. When I looked back I saw she had already removed all her clothing but her little white thong. Her tits were round and perky, with perfect little nipples. Her skin was milky and soft, and her dark brown hair fell freely over her shoulders. She took off her thong exposing her tight bald pussy, and got into the water.

The next 30 minutes were amazing. She sat in the water so her tits were barely under and stroked my cock with me. I had both hands on it, she had one on, and one rubbing my balls. The head of my cock rested gently on her forehead. When I was about to cum I told her to look right at the hole in my cock. I came an enormous amount of thick, gooey sauce all over her face. I let out a huge groan and she giggled, which caused some of my jizz to get in her mouth. When I was done I looked at her and she was actually licking the cum off her face!

'Wow.' She said. 'That was fun.'

As we got dressed she asked what else we could do. I told her that my house was not far and she agreed to come over later on today! I can't wait to go back to the river and show her all the great things my big cock has to offer.



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