Riding the Benny Train

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Last year, when I was 15, I had a real sexy experience.

It all started one day in Mr. Dean's math class. Kristen got reprimanded in front of the class for causing a disturbance, and her friend Jordan was obviously beside herself trying to keep from giggling.

After class, I caught up with my best friend, Lisa, talking the two of them, along with Sarah, who is not in our math class. Jordan was saying something about Kirsten and 'the Benny' that made them laugh, but they hushed up when I joined them. Sarah said to Lisa, 'So, you really want to ride the Benny train?' 'Definitely,' replied Lisa. I didn't get a chance to ask Lisa what they were talking about since we had to go to our next class.

The next day in math class, I could tell the three of them were up to something. Jordan seemed to be on the brink of laughter. At one point I looked over and saw Lisa discreetly touch her crotch, and then make a funny sex face at Jordan.

Halfway through class, there was a knock on the door. Mr. Dean interrupted the class to answer the door. It was Sarah, she passed him a note. Mr. Dean read the note, then called Lisa to the front of the class. I couldn't hear what he said to her, but he crumpled up the note and threw it in the trash.

After class, I caught up to the four of them again. '... it said 'Dear Mr. Dean, Please tell Lisa, to give the Benny to Jordan, signed Lisa's mother' ' Sarah was saying. 'No way,' said Lisa 'signed Lisa's mother?' you're going to get me busted.' They giggled uproariously. 'Hey Jennifer, how would YOU like to ride the Benny train?' Sarah asked me slyly. 'Well ...' I began, not wanting to admit I didn't know what they were talking about, but Lisa interrupted 'She does... trust me.'

Finally, at the end classes, I talked to Lisa alone. 'Say hi to the Benny,' she said as she held open her backpack. Inside was a small purple vibrator. It was slim, less than five inches long, and had a flared head. Lisa whispered to me '... to ride the Benny train, you have to wear the Benny inside all day long at school.' I felt a sudden flush of arousal. 'You have to cum as many times as you can,' she continued. 'I came four times during math today,' she said. 'Kristen says she came eleven times yesterday.'

I was completely turned on by the idea. 'Ok,' I said, 'Give it to me.' Lisa hesitated. 'No, I want to keep it tonight. I'll give it to you before first period tomorrow. Wear a skirt and bring plenty of AA batteries.'

True to her word, Lisa slipped me the Benny first thing in the morning. 'Enjoy!' she said, 'er, you might want to put fresh batteries in him right away...'

I quickly went into a bathroom stall. I put a fresh battery in the Benny and examined him. He had a speed control that went from one to ten, and an on-off switch. The switch was on the base so you could turn him on and off through your panties. The speed could only be set by removing him and twisting the base. I set him to four, slipped him inside, and then hurried to first hour English.

Fortunately, English is an extremely boring class, and I sit in the rear. Still, it took me forty horny minutes to build up the nerve to turn the Benny on. When I finally did, it was so intense that I could hardly keep from screaming. I came hard and silently within about 20 seconds, and quickly turned him off. Nobody seemed to notice. I did two more cums before the end of the class.

By third period, I was really getting the hang of it. I went to the bathroom and turned the Benny up to seven. I kept him turned on virtually the whole hour, and had seven orgasms while daydreaming I was having sex. Sarah is in that class, we kept exchanging knowing looks and making horny faces.

At lunch, the five of us sat together. They teased me relentlessly, but I was enjoying every minute, and kept on cumming.

The Benny seemed to be growing weaker, so just before math class I slipped into the bathroom to put in a fresh battery. I also dialed him up to ten.

Math class was MUCH more nerve-wracking than the previous classes. I sit in front, so it was much more difficult to turn the Benny on and off discreetly. But Lisa, Kristen, and Jordan were all there watching me, so I wasn't about to chicken out.

A few minutes in, I quickly slipped my hand under my skirt and turned on the Benny. It was then that I discovered that a 'ten' setting with fresh batteries is WAY stronger than 'seven' with weak ones. I emitted a sharp, involuntary gasp and came almost immediately.

Mr. Dean turned around sharply as Jordan, stifling a laugh, pretended to cough. He surveyed the class slowly. With him looking, I could not reach between my legs to turn off the Benny. I stared helplessly as a deer in the headlights while the Benny continued to buzz my sopping vagina like a jackhammer. Panic and adrenaline enveloped me as I involuntarily slipped over the edge into another intense orgasm.

My memory of the rest of the class is a blur. I did manage to turn the Benny off, but I think I turned him back on two or three more times. It felt like the whole class knew my secret.

After class, I was in a hurry to catch my girlfriends, but Mr. Dean caught me. 'Jennifer, could I see you for a minute?' I panicked as the rest of the class left. As I stood in front of his desk, I nervously squeezed my legs together. Then, to my horror, I felt the Benny switch on.

There was no way I could turn him off. Mr. Dean began lecturing me about me and my friends disrupting class for the last few days. I tried to relax my muscles, but unfortunately, while standing, I started to get the sensation that the Benny was slipping out. I had no choice but to clench down on him. After a minute, it was like trying to hold back Niagara falls. I came so hard me knees buckled. I let out a sharp gasp, and felt my face go red.

'What is it Jennifer?' asked Mr. Dean suspiciously. 'Um, I have to go to the bathroom really bad,' I stammered, my vagina still pulsing. 'Oh,' he said. Now HE seemed to be embarrassed. 'Well, go on. Just don't let it happen again.' Just then I noticed how cute he was, for a teacher.

After classes, I excitedly related my story to my girlfriends. I also reported my record seventeen orgasms. The Benny got passed around until twenty-five or thirty ninth-grade girls had ridden the train. Finally, slutty Tiffany Herwick got so outrageous moaning in art class that she got busted. Some girls got into big trouble and the story is all over school, but so far me and my friends have not been implicated. We're just trying to figure out how to get another vibrator.



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