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Hope you enjoy my telling about learning about self-pleasure before getting to the topic!


After being taught early in my seventh year of grade school how to cause pleasure within my body, I played with myself in private every chance I got to be alone at home. The pleasure did not happen the first time I played when I was taught, and being more than 50 years ago, neither do I remember how soon I began to feel pleasure. I remember Mom asking what took me so long in the outhouse. I did not tell her that I was playing with my favorite toy and pumping it trying to create some exhilarating pleasure. Feeling my hard little 'prick' was so much fun! Feeling the build-up was great even though I did not experience orgasm nor get any 'love juice' out for some months.

In time, the eighth grade boy who had showed me how to cause my prick (as he called it) to get hard and feel good also carefully informed me about why the roosters rode the hens, the tom cat rode the female cats, the male dog rode the females, the boar rode the sows, and the bull rode the cows. The reason being to make more chickens, kittens, puppies, pigs, and calves. Most of the time I did not get to see the prick of the male animals when they mounted the females. Although I would only get the see the extremely l-o-n-g prick of the bull when he would miss the cow's hole and it would slide across her side, leaving a long string of sticky stuff, it was always a turn-on! When the eighth grade boy explained that my dad had 'fucked' my mom, I defended my dad and said, 'No, he did not!' But the other boy calmly told me that if my dad had not fucked my mom, I would not be there. Life suddenly got complicated. I had not known that all the pleasure I had been experiencing could cause babies.

I remember that for several months after being taught all those things about 'jacking off,' pleasure, love juice, and fucking, that nothing came out of the 'eye' on the 'head' of my prick. In time, some clear liquid would appear that was very slick! I enjoyed rubbing it around my head! After all these years, I very clearly remember that the first time a tiny drop of white love juice appeared on the tip of my prick. I felt like I had just matured. The eighth grade boy, who had introduced me to 'playing ball,' was a constant presence at every recess we had a chance to 'play ball.' He assured me that I could now impregnate a female to make a baby. He said, 'It's a shame to waste all that love juice,' but what else could we do with it at the time than to shoot in on the ground.

His prick was a whole lot bigger than mine and being a full year older, he always ejaculated a teaspoonful or more. I felt like a boy until that day when I succeeded in getting out that first little drop of love juice! I felt like a man! From then on, I remember pumping and pumping until both arms would ache, but it was always a fantastic reward when the feelings exploded throughout my body and that single little drop of pure white love juice appeared. The pleasure upon orgasm was so fantastic that I could hardly wait till I had another chance to take out my favorite toy to play with it some more! After all these years, I still look forward to erections and orgasms!

Being a one-room grade school with only us two upper-grade boys and 3 lower-grade girls plus the fact that our teacher was a heavy-set lady near retirement age meant that we did not play ball at recess on a ball diamond and only occasionally shot hoops at the outdoor basketball goals. In fact, the teacher seldom even came outside except of very nice days, but she was not very good at coordinating games for the 6 of us (including herself). Playing games like 23 Eskidoo and Hide and Seek, riding the merry-go-round, sliding down the slide, and see-sawing on the teeter totter were all mild in comparison to the wonderful feelings we could produce by playing with ourselves away from the others.

So the eighth grade boy and I had lots of time to ourselves to play with ourselves and we played a lot of times that year! It would take so long to achieve the most pleasurable moment of the day, that we would play with ourselves until our arms felt like they were going to drop off. But in the end, we were rewarded with feelings of intense pleasure! Then we would just lie back while floating in the clouds and holding our pricks admiringly, lovingly, and appreciatively while they relaxed. We waited to put our favorite toys back in our pants until the school bell rang which signaled the end of recess

We peeled out a long enough strip of wood in the outhouse so we could both watch the girls turn cartwheels. It was always a threat when the girls would be near the boys outhouse, instead of on the other side of the school. We would eagerly watch until they would be upside-down so their dresses would fall down from their legs and were rewarded by seeing their colorful panties for a split second. Those split seconds really made the long minutes of watching very rewarding times! I assumed they did not know we were watching, but he may have asked his sister to come near the boy's outhouse to put on all those shows for us! I still see him occasionally in church when we go back to that state, but I'll never ask in church.

Other times we would crawl under the school and by crawling to different sides we could keep the girls in sight because there were occasionbal spaces between the cement block foundation. The teacher would ask what we were doing under the school and we would reply, 'Oh, nothing.' We would certainly not tell her we were playing ball with our own balls and bat! She was very strict and would have likely not only told us off but also told our parents. So we simply had lots of time to ourselves to make fun happen!

When winter set in, we often climbed the wall that had coat hooks on it to get into the attic. It was very dusty up there, but as soon as we popped out our favorite toys and started tickling ourselves, we didn't seem to notice the dust anymore. Then I understood why the older grade schoolers, both boys and girls together, would not let me climb up into the attic with them when I was younger.

Fast forward through high school, college, marriage, and grad school. For many years, I used to feel guilty for pumping my love wand to exhilarating orgasms alone, between the times when my wife was interested in fun. A few years ago when I told a professional about my guilt, she asked me why I felt guilty. After all, there is nothing illegal about self-pleasure and nobody gets impregnated nor catches a disease. So I felt better about enjoying my orgasms which often begin by building up the entire top half of my body making me feel tingly all over. Then when the tingles hit my brain, my thick, white, hot cream starts to flow like a volcano erupting hot lava which flows down the mountainside.

Now to the reason for writing about rewards. I recently purchased a book titled Unstuck, A Supportive and Practical Guide to Working through Writer's Block by Jane Ann Straw and want to share a bit of it that I read over the weekend. I'e not met her and likely never will to ask her about the pleasures she's hinting at in her book, but her writing is what makes this a male-female story, not just the part about the girl in the attic or watching the girls do cartwheels. In chapter 4, she recommends thinking about rewarding ourselves after accomplishing something rather than punishing ourselves for not getting anything accomplished. Approving our actions, treating ourselves kindly and with compassion, and celebrating all reinforce positive actions. On page 58 she wrote the following: Another reward for getting those first words onto the page is the promise of pleasure (ah, self-pleasure!). On page 59 she wrote: Rewards at the end of the writing period have a circular effect on the writing process.

What she wrote about companionship also applies to self-pleasuring. She wrote, The thought of a solo hike is not half as enticing as anticipating climbing up into the hills with a companion. (I love to climb the mountains of pleasure alone and enjoy mountain climbing with my wife even more!)

On page 62, Jane Ann wrote about framing time with positive experiences. She encouraged a student to write, who also enjoyed singing, with these words: Instead of denying yourself all pleasure in order to write, why don't you indulge yourself for a while with singing? . . . And when you are finished writing, sing some more. (Sure, indulge myself before and after!)

She suggests creating a positive atmosphere by providing the right space, multiplying positive associations, and rewarding ourselves for actually starting the task at hand. Although she never used the term self-pleasuring in the book, she encourages her students by telling themselves, 'You have permission to indulge yourselves. (self-pleasure? Yes!) . . . whatever helps you begin . . . you have permission to think of yourself first. So be selfish!'

At the end of the chapter, she has 5 hints. I like # 1 in which she writes about rewarding yourself afterwards and I like # 4 even better. She wrote: 'If you engage on a regular basis in any activity that gives you pleasure...' Ah, there it is! She not only used the word pleasure again; she also encouraged ANY pleasurable activity! Note that! Any pleasurable activity is a reward!!!-not a waste of time. From her picture on the paper slip cover, she has such a smile on her face that I can imagine she just finished an orgasm when she had her picture taken! Jane Ann and all you SoloTouch females, slip through the computer screen so we can play together! You could sit ON my lap while I love your breasts, touching them gently, stroking them softly, licking them, kissing them, sucking them! Then after we've had all the foreplay we could handle, we could finger each other to some thrilling orgasms!

I know this is long, but I wanted to tell about my boyhood so ST readers could understand what I just realized about myself, namely that pleasuring my body before and/or after or in the middle of a project can be thought of as rewarding myself instead of procrastinating. What a breakthrough for me! I have a difficult job at work with seemingly few rewards and have had some really tough projects at home. Now I no longer feel that it is a shame to waste all that love juice all these many years nor feel guilty about taking time for self-pleasuring myself to an orgasm before getting started and/or after working a while. I'm always thankful to our Creator for every erection and for every orgasm!

I enjoyed reading exciting stories on ProAxis before it was changed to SoloTouch and submitted quite a few early on before WhisperingLily emerged. I'm always eager to read your stories and am eager to read your responses! Till then, tickle your clits and love wands! Enjoy the pleasure your bodies give you, assured that pleasure is not a waste of time! RC



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