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Revenge on My Cheating Husband

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It felt good to use him; I don't know why. I was also surprised by how much I enjoyed the promiscuity of it.


I am 24 and am getting divorced because my husband (of 8 months) cheated on me with some chubby bitch. When I found out about it I was enraged and immediately left him. I was feeling particularly vengeful, so I decided to hook up with a guy from my work that's been interested in me. I texted him "hey are you in the mood for a blowjob?" I knew what his answer would be. It felt good to use him; I don't know why. I was also surprised by how much I enjoyed the promiscuity of it. I remember getting horny in the car on the way to meet him, so I started fingering myself. I've had sex with about 20 guys, and given blowjobs to about 40 to 50 guys in my life, but this one was making me REALLY horny- meeting a guy for the sole purpose of oral sex- based on revenge. It just felt "slutty," and I really enjoyed the feeling. Anyway we met at a Best Buy parking lot and he got in my car. It was awkward at first so I just reached over and began to open his pants and said "enjoy the ride". He had his hands all over my body (outside my clothes)and it was great. I was getting more and more horny and definitely very wet. I wanted to finger myself but I had both hands and my mouth on his dick; focused on making him cum. He squeezed my breasts and my ribs and waist but he couldn't reach my pussy. We were both breathing heavily and writhing in the car and then I felt my mouth begin to receive his cum as he moaned and grasped my body even tighter. I felt his semen filling my mouth in spurts, and every 3-4 spurts I swallowed. I kept sucking and stroking him and swallowing until he forcefully made me stop. I got up and moved back to my seat and leaned back, looking at him. He was spent, completely spent. His penis was shrinking and I saw a dollop of semen oozing from its hole. I was so fucking horny I couldn't stand it. I said something like "hey do you like pussy?" (WHY did I say that? lol)... I slipped my shorts and panties down off my butt and over my knees to my ankles- over my tennis shoes and onto the floor. I sat back against the door and put my feet on the seat and spread my knees and showed him my pussy. His eyes were wide as saucers and my insides were on fire! "do you like it?" "yeah!" "you can look but you can't touch" "ok" I pulled on my labia, and rubbed my clit, teasing him for about 5 minutes. I felt a fire burning inside my body with the lust. I was in absolute ecstacy. I played with my wetness; pulling it out slowly until the string of wetness would break before doing it again. I fingered myself deep with one finger then put my finger in my mouth and sucked it clean. I did it again. And again. Then I did it with 2 fingers, about 5 or 6 times. I have never been so horny (and wet!!) in my life. Then I fingered myself deeply with 2 fingers, but instead of sucking it off, I wiped it across my chin, up onto my right cheek. I don't even know where I got the idea from, but it was extremely erotic, and his reaction strongly agreed. I did it again on my left cheek, then a few more times- onto my cheeks, nose, mouth, neck and forehead. I was in ecstacy. Absolute ecstacy. Judging by his face; he certainly was also. A few minutes later, I fingered myself to the most delightful orgasm of my life while he watched. "We should do this again sometime" I smiled as I got dressed. :P



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