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Revenge Is Sweet

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How I get my revenge on ex best friend


About five years ago my best friend royally screwed me over on a business arangement that I would have made a lot of money on. Instead tony told someone else and he made the money. My friend told me it was business and no hard feelings. I didn't talk to him for a month and when I did I was thinking of ways to get my revenge.

About a year later tony started to date a girl I dated in college. Robin never told anyone we knew each other and I used this to my advantage. Robin was tall and built for speed as we say. Killer legs and abs and a major hardbody. When I was introduced to her we made small talk and she gave me her number so we can talk. I gave her a call and she came to my place. We talked about some people we kept in touch with and then she asked me about tony. I told her he was slime and about what he did. She was silent and then told me she was going to make him pay. I asked how and she gave me a kiss and told me not to worry. After the kiss we hugged and when I smelled her perfume I told asked if it was the same one she wore in college. Robin smiled and told me yes. We kissed again and this time much deeper and longer. When we split she laughed and told me how long she wanted that again.

One week later Robin gave me a call and told me what she asked tony to do. When Robin and him started to fool around and take off their clothes she told him how much she hated men with hair on their chests. Tony has italian and was very hairy. She asked him to shave. Tony wouldn't so she told him no shave no sex. Tony thought about it and shaved his chest and robin shaved his back. Then robin saw what time it was and told him she had to go. We laughed and robin said next week she was going to make him shave his pubic hair.

I saw tony and robin the next weekend and tony was itching. I asked what was wrong and he said nothing. When he scratched again I asked him what the fuck was wrong with him. He told me robin asked him to shave his back and chest. I asked why and he told me to mind my own business.

On wednesday of that week robin called from her car and wanted to stop by. I told her to and she was over in 10 minutes. I asked what was up and robin told me to sit. Robin then began by telling me she shaved tony's legs and pubic hair. I was speechless. Robin told me they were both naked and kissing when she looked at his hairless chest and asked him to shave the rest of his body. Tony said no way so I jumped out of bed and started to put my bra on. Tony said okay and I shaved his legs and then his pubic hair. When she finished and dried him off she asked why he wasn't hard. Tony got mad and told her he was. I asked if he was small. Robin told me naybe 4 inches hard. I laughed and told her that must have been fun.

Next she told me what else she did. Robin told me she asked to tie him up and wanted to give him oral in a special way. He told her no and robin got dressed. She told him it's either her way or no way. Tony relented and robin tied him up. Once tony was naked and tied up she took out a camera and started to take pictures. Tony was screaming and trying to get untied.

Robin then took out twenty pictures of tony naked and shaved and tied to a bed. I laughed so hard I was crying. Robin looked at me and told me she left him naked and came right here. I picked up the phone and called a good friend who didn't like tony. I told him the story and he needed to go to his place and untie him.

Robin then asked if she could use my bathroom. I told her to go ahead. In a few minutes I heard the shower running and she called and asked for towel. I gave her one and went to the kitchen. About fifteen minutes later the phone rang. My friend had found tony and he told me tony told him he picked up two girls and this is what they did to him. I smiled and told him thank you.

When I turned around robin was naked before me. I looked her up and down. First at her long legs, then at her shaved pubic hair, her fight stomach and her A boobs. I told her she is still beautiful. I took of my cloths and robin told me I needed to get back to the gym. She then smiled and told me She would give me a work out tonight. We went to my bedroom and fucked like rabbits. I must have cummed 4 times and robin had many orgasms.

A month went by before I saw Tony. It was at his brothers birthday party and when Tony saw Robin and me together he got pissed. He came at me but I held up a envelope with his pictures. I told him if he ever bothered me this would get out. He looked at the two of us and told us to go to hell. His brother asked us what happened and I told him nothing.



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