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Revealing a Secret

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Me and my best friend John have been talking about sex and masturbation ever since we both got really interested in girls, around third grade.

We are both straight males who love to do anything regular guys do together. But when night comes we always talked sexual.

One night, we were just hanging around in John's basement talking. At this point, I was getting very horny. I wanted to tell John that I had not been circumsized. To most people this isn't a big deal, but to me it was. In my group of friends, a couple of people thought it was hilarious to have a foreskin, which got me quite self conscious, but that's another story.

Anyways, John and I were just sitting in his basement. When I blurted out, 'What would you think if I had foreskin?' John just said, 'What?' I repeated, 'What would you think if I had foreskin?'

After waiting a moment John replied, 'But you don't I have seen your penis before and you were circumsized, but if you weren't... 1st, I wouldn't care and 2nd, I would want to see.' This was a big relief for me as I thought he would react much differently as the rest of my friends were pretty weird about this subject. I then told him, 'Well, I was not circumsized, When I showed you my penis before I was pulling back my foreskin.'

We talked for another minute or so about the subject and then he suggested that we go into his room. When we got into his room, he asked if he could see my foreskin. All of a sudden I got really nervous about the subject, but then I felt myself geting an erection. I decided I didn't want him to see it the first time when it was erected, so I pulled down my pants quickly. He just stared at it. After a couple seconds, I asked him if he wanted to see how I masturbated, as at this point I had a full erection. He said, 'Yes, I wanna see it.'

As I sat down next to him on the bed, I noticed that he was also really hard. But before bringing that up with him, I showed him how I did it. He watched for a second and then I asked, 'Do you want to masturbate each other?' He thought for a second and then said that he did.

When he pulled down his pants we were lying on the bed with my 6 inch penis and his 7 inch penis sticking straight up in the air. We then started playing around with each others penis and balls.

He commented on how much easier it is to masturbate with a foreskin. Meanwhile I was really liking the feel of masturbating without a foreskin because it was so different and I really liked the feel to it. We both started to really get into it and were lying back masturbating each other for a good five minutes. Then I announced I was about to cum, he said he was too. We both started to speed up our masturbating of each other and cum exploded from my penis first. Then, almost immediately afterwards, he shot his cum.

We sat there with our chests covered in cum thinking about the fun time we had. We have done this many times since and I may write about that on a later date.



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