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Repairman Caught on Video

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I really enjoy the thought of other men getting off on seeing my girlfriend. I always encourage her to dress sexy and show off her amazing body. She is petite (5'2) with blonde hair, works out religiously, and was blessed with natural D cup sized breasts.
Recently I had a repairman come to the house to work on the whirlpool jets for my bathtub. After calling him I decided this would be a great opportunity to 'accidentally' show off some pictures of my girlfriend and see if he got aroused. The morning before he arrived I set things up. I left several condom packages out on the nightstand (which he'd have to walk by on the way to the bathroom) just to get his mind thinking about sex. On the middle of the bathroom floor I had placed a pair of white lace thong panties and a bra she'd worn the day before. I left one of the drawers in the bathroom open just enough to see her vibrator placed inside. Knowing that he'd have to go into the closet for the whirlpool power source I placed a box just inside the door with a variety of pictures I have of my girlfriend. Some were still shots taken during mutual video masturbation sessions we have on line. Others were some I'd taken with my digital that she wasn't aware of like her in the shower or bath or lounging around in her panties. I purposely left the box top off just enough that it wasn't obvious, but to where I knew he'd be able to see the top pictures. Finally, I had a camera set up in the back of my closet. I'd placed it in a box with a hole cut out in it and aimed the camera so that it captured what would happen in the closet and also it was angled to be able to see into the toilet room if the closet door was left open.
That afternoon I pulled up to the house and met the repairman at the door. I told him I was on my lunch break and needed to take care of a couple of errands. I walked in the house with him and showed him to the master bedroom and bathroom. As we entered I apologized for the mess and said that my girlfriend had still been getting ready when I had left in the morning. Just after saying this I turned the light on in the bathroom. I immediately saw his eyes go to the open drawer with the vibrator in it. After I was sure he'd seen it I casually closed it as if I was embarrassed he'd seen that. I also picked up her bra and panties and again apologized for the mess my girlfriend had left. I opened the closet door and threw them on the floor in there. Next I again reminded him that I had some quick errands to run during my lunch break and would he mind if I left him alone for 15 or 20 minutes to work on the bathtub. He said it was not a problem.
I left the house and began driving around the neighborhood to kill some time. I wasn't sure exactly what would happen while I was gone, but I began rubbing my stiffening cock with the thought about what I would do if I was in his situation. After about 20 minutes I returned to the house. I was sure to make a lot of noise as I came back in and headed to the bathroom. I found him there with his tools out & he said he'd need a little more time. He eventually finished up working and left without mentioning the pictures or anything else. As soon as he left I ran into the closet to get the video camera.
I hooked it up to the television, took off my clothes and sat back to see what had happened while I was gone. Sure enough, as soon as I had left he opened the drawer and took out the vibrator. He sniffed it, turned it on, and rubbed it against his crotch briefly, then returned it to the drawer. Next he turned on the light in the closet (I'm assuming he was looking for the panties I'd thrown in there). He picked up the panties and just like with the vibrator he began sniffing them. I was already about to explode watching this, but things kept getting better. He picked up the bra and I heard him say 'Damn, 32 D..... lucky bastard'. I think he might have just stopped at that point and started to do his repair job, but it was then that he looked down at the box with pictures in it.
He removed the box top and started to finger through them. I could hear him say 'you're kidding me.' He then left the room (I assume to make sure he was still alone). When he came back he picked up the box and panties and walked out the closet and into the toilet room. Fortunately he left the door open, probably to make sure he could here me coming back in. I couldn't believe my eyes as he dropped his pants and pulled out his now very hard cock. The camera was at the perfect angle to see him sitting on the toilet with his cock straight up in the air. Tough to tell how big from the video, but it seemed to be average length with a huge swollen head. I watched as he began to stroke it, apparently rubbing the precum around the head with his thumb. He stroked it for a while with his hands and then started to use the panties, all the while looking at pictures he'd laid out on the floor in front of him.
The thought of watching this guy stroking his dick with my girlfriend's panties while looking at pictures of her was too much for me and I shot a huge stream of cum up on my chest. I kept watching and after only a couple of minutes he put the panties down, ripped off a wad of toilet paper and shot his load into the toilet paper. He quickly pulled up his pants and returned the box and panties to the closet. The rest of the video was just him working. After watching the video I went to the closet and looked at her panties. I found several of his pubic hairs and could smell his scent on them. I immediately became hard and began rubbing my cock with the panties until I saturated them with my cum.
I have masturbated to the video MANY more times since it happened and am considering setting up a similar situation for some other lucky repairman to do some work in the house.



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