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Remembering Jusy

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When I was 16, in the last year of school, I hung around with a great group of mates. One of them was this lovely boy named Jusy. Jusy was so handsome, with big green eyes, and dark close cropped hair. He was tall too. Jusy was so shy though, you would have thought that everyone would want to date him, but he never seemed to go out with anyone.

I fancied him so much. That summer I made an effort to get to know him, and finally, finally he very shly asked me out. I found out that he'd lost his leg when he was 12, he was hit by a lorry when doing his paper round, and they had to cut off his leg in the road in the rain. It was why he walked a bit stiffly, and why he was so shy.

Jusy didn't think anyone would look at him twice now. But I changed all that that summer. We fell in love and started going out.

But Jusy was still shy about his body. So shy. We would make out, kissing and cuddling, and he would get so excited, so hard, but when I would gently try to take his jeans off he would just clam up. No way!

Till one day I stopped by his house after school. Jusy's mom said he was resting after a hard day at school, his leg ached badly. I knew he got tired quicker than anyone else. I went to his room, and he was lying there on the bed, his bad leg propped up on a pillow, wearing tight white jocks and watching TV. He gasped when he saw me, and went pale. I sat down on the bed and put my hand gently on the stump of his leg. It didn't look so bad, but it did affect me thinking of what he'd been through. He said 'I'm sorry I'm like this...I wish I was whole for you.' I told him to shush, and kissed him.

He was so hot. He was hard in seconds, and I gently put my hand on his penis under his pants. I remember how he smelled and felt, the skin of his penis so velvety and smooth. He was apologising for being a virgin, and moaning alternately while I stroked him. I noticed he was shaking all over then, and tears were running down his face. He said 'I didn't think anyone would want me', and then he just passed out in my arms. When I looked down, there was come every where, all over his chest and tummy, in my hair, in his hair. I'd never seen so much come. When he came round, we just started again.

I dated Jusy all summer and autumm, then we fell out over something silly, and didn't talk, and never got a chance to make up. There was a real bad flu going around that winter. He had lost his spleen in the accident where he lost his leg. It meant he wasn't able to fight infection like the rest of us could, and he died.

I was heart broken for awhile, but then I recovered and had other boyfriends. But I've never forgotten him, or how hot that day was. It's a special memory I keep for times when I need to think of him. He was beautiful and life is cruel.



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