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Relaxing Massage

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I thought the days of the Asian massage parlor were over... Well, they are, sort of...


A few weeks ago, I helped move my daughter into her dorm room. After five hours of towing a rental trailer and another hour unloading it, I was beat. I declined my kid's offer to let me stay the night, but I did let her take me to a campus pub for a burger. Sitting in the pub, I grabbed a copy of one of those free, ultra-liberal, 'alternative' newspapers. The personal ads didn't shock me (I'm not 'that' old)- but they were amusing. The back pages had ads for escort services and 'sensual' massages... several just off campus. Dinner over, a parting hug for my daughter, and I was on the road. I wasn't looking for any more than a good massage, but being widowed for four years, the thought of a woman's touch did intrigue me.

I found the place quite easily. It looked legitimate. Still, my heart raced and it took me nearly 1/2 hour to have enough nerve to enter.

I was greeted by a typical 'Mamasan' from the 'older' days of AMPs, but that's where the similarity ended. The place was white-washed, brightly lit, and had an almost 'clinical' feel. Even the attendents though mostly Asian, were smartly dressed in white uniforms. Mamasan led me to a private room and instructed me to undress and put on a bath-robe.

The room was dimly lit, incense burned, and soft instrumental music played. Still, it had a very professional, hospital-like feel to it. It was becoming clear that this was going to be a legitimate massage and that was FINE...

A few minutes later, my masseuse arrived. Lin was a Korean woman of around 35. Around 5-2 and 110lbs she was attractive in a 'cute' sort of way, but not overly 'hot'. She spoke perfect english and had a bright smile. She was quite friendly and talkative. Lin led me to a 'shower' room, and helped me out of the robe. I layed face-down on the padded table. It was mildly un-nerving being naked in front of this pretty woman. But, her friendliness and professionalism put me at ease. The body-wash was very thorough but not erotic. When she turned me over to wash my genitals, it was relaxing and arousing, but not overly so. My penis twitched slightly at her touch, iliciting a giggle from her and a blush from me.

The massage itself was quite good and I was getting sleepy. Even when Lin brushed my genitals, I was too relaxed to get erect. When it came time to turn over, she made sure the towel stayed in place. Lin massaged my temples until I was almost fast asleep... but the massage wasn't over.

Lin got a second towel and placed it over my thighs but under my scrotum. She then raised the first towel up to my chest exposing my genitals. Using a bit of oil, she rubbed the under side of my penis with her index and middle finger. It was such a shock, that I came almost instantly without getting erect. It wasn't the most intense orgasm I'd ever had, but it was by far the most relaxing. I came with several low-intensity, but very long spasms. I fell asleep as she cleaned me up.

I was awakened around two hours later by Lin's touch; she was rubbing me the same way as before. This time, I was exceptionally hard. Lin smiled and asked how I was feeling. I could only smile. Lin then winked and, momentarily, increased the pressure of her fingers. That was all I needed and I came hard into the air. The towel placement was perfect and none of it landed on my skin. This time, the orgasm awakened and energized me. Lin handed me a bottle of water, I dressed. With a kiss on the cheek, I was out the door and on the road for the drive home.

I don't know if there are more places like this. But, I'm quite happy there's at least one place that 'gets it'. They understand a man's physical needs and 'take care' of it without making it overly sexual or sleazy.

Oh yeah, I visit my kid often (wink).



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