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I was fourteen and an avid masturbator. I wanted to compare notes with someone about it all but didn't know how. I had a 17 year old neighbor down the street from me. We used to fool around as children but hadn't for a long time. I always thought about what we used to do together but didn't know how to bring it up. Thankfully I wasn't alone in my thoughts.

He called me up to come over one morning around 10am. He said no one was home and would be gone most of the day. Since no one was gonna be home we sat in the living room. We talked a bit and to my surprise he mentioned how we used to play. I acted coy and said I didn't remember. He could tell I was just nervous I think. He dropped it and asked if I wanted to watch some porn. Being a young horny teen, the answer was an ecstatic yes. We sat on separate couches at first. We talked about the girls and the sex. I sat watching and trying to hide my hard on from him to no avail. He asked if I was horny and getting hard too. I shyly agreed.

He then got to the point once he felt certain of my willingness. He then proposed to show me his dick if I showed him mine. I said ok but he had to show me first. He agreed. My heart pounded waiting to see my first cock, other than mine, since puberty. I wondered how alike or different our dicks were. He pulled his sweats to reveal a much much bigger dick than my own. It stood straight up against his stomach. He pulled it straight to give me a better look. After a minute or so he put it away and excitedly said it was my turn. I was hard but was concerned about showing him my much smaller penis. I was a bit hesitant.

He walked over to me and said let me see. Nervously, I pulled down my shorts exposing myself. He stood over me, staring at my cock. He then asked if he could touch it. I blurted a yes out. He told me sit back on the couch and sat next to me. I had my shorts pulled just below my balls. He grabbed and slowly stroked up and down on my dick. Soon he pulled off my shorts and told me to take off my shirt. He was in sweats and I totally naked now, watching porn. I breathed deep as he stroked me. He would ask if it felt good and how he liked my dick.

After maybe a half hour or so I told him since I was naked he should be too. He slipped off his sweats and I divided my time between looking at his cock and the porno. I asked if I could touch his and he obliged. We played with one another for an hour or so. Suddenly he said we should just jack off seperately and watch the movie. I wasn't ready to stop yet and took a little while before I suggested jacking each other off. He said ok and sat back beside me. We reached and grabbed the others dick.

After a bit of this, he said to make him cum and he would make me cum after that. I agreed but was worried he wouldn't hold up his end of the deal. I kept my thoughts to myself as I started. He coached me, telling me to squeeze harder or stroke faster. It was almost an hour before he said to go fast and to not stop. He began to squirm and moan. At the same time I felt his already stiff dick hardening in my hand. I stared at his tip waiting for the finale. I paid close attention to see how his ejaculation compared to my own.

Suddenly a thick spurt of sperm shot out getting on him and my hand. I felt the warmth of it as it covered my hand. I was entranced as he squirted out his load unable to look away. I jacked him until he went limp. With us both cum soaked he sat up and sat me back. He took my penis in his hand and told me he would play awhile before making me cum. He wanted to be told when I was getting close. I moaned and groaned as he did. He said I had to last as long as he did. The longer it took the better it felt he said.

After an hour of this I was totally turned on. By this point I was writhing with sheer ecstasy. He said he was gonna go faster to make me cum. I moaned more with every passing second. I reached a fever pitch in anticipation of orgasming. I began to squirt with tremendous force. The first shot hit the top of my chest. I crumpled on the couch once I finished. I laid there catching my breath covered in my own sperm. He kept stroking me even after. We laid naked drenched in cum. I could not wait till the next time.



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