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Rectal Thermometer

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This story still gives me a rush, enjoy!!


This a true story. It happened when I was eleven or twelve. It happened a long time ago so some of it is vague in my mind but the main story is still vivid.

I was in hospital for a blood workup. They were concerned I may have Leukemia and our Physician wanted to do some major blood work on me. As it turned out I was fine but my stay there was a memorable one.

When I got checked in and my parents had left for the evening the nurse told me she was going to take my temperature and it would be the rectal thermometer. I was absolutely horrified with the thought. She said it had to do with little kids biting down on the mercury filled thermometers. I protested and she said she would check with whomever to see if we could do it in a more traditional manner!

Later that night she came back and said policy was policy and I had to do the rectal. She had me remove my underwear and lay on my side. I also had to bend my knee so it was up. After I got my underwear off I developed a full blown erection, which was not visible to her at this point. She put some lube on my rectum and the thermometer easily slid in. She held the thermometer in place with her hand and it was between my legs. My erection, no matter how hard I wished it would go away, continued to just get harder. She finished up and wiped me up. Using a dry cloth to wipe my rear and my crotch. She looked at my penis and said it was okay it happens to boys sometimes, and she would be back later to clean me up in a better way. I want to remind you I was not enjoying this as much as I would today. It is now a great source of fantasy, then just plain embarrassing, now on with the story.

She came back later in the evening carrying a bowl of water and a washcloth and again asked me to remove my underwear. I was terrified that we were going to go through this again. I again had a full blow erection between me and the mattress and was now laying on my stomach, naked from waist down. She slowly wiped my back and buttocks with the washcloth and warm water. She was tugging my cheeks apart and warm water was dripping down my crotch and on to my balls.

Now I was instructed to turn over. My penis was now completely purple and was the biggest I had ever seen it. The nurse acted like everything was normal asking about where I went to school and such. She started with my chest, and abdomen. Now she started on my genitals. She was gentle pulling my bag side to side sliding the warm wash cloth around it. As I remember it she wasn't wearing rubber gloves. Remember the year was 1971. She touched my penis to clean around my belly and I could feel something going on but I wasn't sure what it was. She now started to wash my penis with the washcloth stretching my skin to get into the crevices. She washed me on the front and the backside of my penis. When she started to wash the head of it (I am circumcised) I had my first orgasm. It was different from the ones I have now. I am a shooter and I waves of pleasure. This orgasm was one nonstop wave of pleasure without the pulses and I shot one large load of semen.

She said 'Oops, that happens,' washed me up and left the room. I barely remember what she looked like. I never ever could look her in the eye after this happened.

The blood test came back negative and I am still alive and well.



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