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I actually started feeling myself become wet as I wrote this story...


My boyfriend was unfortunately arrested a few months ago, he is in prison now and will be out in about a year. I have been going crazy the past few months. I love sex, I absolutely love sex, Anything that has to do with it; Fucking, Fondling...ANYTHING. I haven't felt my man in soooo long. I haven't felt his dick inside my pussy, or his touch, his fingers that gently rub my clit. God even thinking about it gets me horny. I have been so very horny since he was taken in, and all I have is myself. I can barely keep myself satisfied without him, but I make the best of it...

Usually what happens is I will be lying in my bed, letting my mind wander. As I drift through my thoughts I think of my man. I think of all the things we could be doing...all the things he could be doing to me. I strip naked as I lie in bed, and move my hands all over my body, not missing an inch of myself, dreaming that it is his hands that are touching me. I move my hands across my firm breasts, gently moving across my nipple. I feel a chill go down my spine and I begin to flick my nipples back and forth. I like a little bit of pain, so I pinch my nipples hard for a moment and I feel myself become wet. I don't live alone, I live with family so I have to keep myself quiet.

I bite at my lips...I move one of my hands down to my pussy. I imagine my man pulling my pussy lips open and exposing my swollen, and throbbing clit, and I do the same. I picture him playing with my pussy, and I follow the image. I slowly move my finger tips across my now wettened pussy, be ever so careful to not touch my clit. I move my fingers around my clit never touching it. I love to tease myself, it feels sooo good. I slide my fingers closer to my pussy hole and slowly move my fingers around it, gently pushing a finger or two inside my pussy; I become so excited that I begin to feel my nipples become almost painfully hard. I lift my free hand and pinch my left nipple. Oooh God the pain feels soooo good that I let out a very loud moan. I bite my lips so as to not make anymore noise, but I bite my lip so hard that the pain sends a chill down my spine and I lightly scream. I've made my lip bleed a little bit. I lick up what blood has come from my lips, and I begin to suck on my lip. I love the taste of blood, it's so sweet, and thick, it actually turns me on even more, tasting the sweet liquid from my lips.

I move my hand back down to my thighs, I start to tease myself again. I take both of my hands and grind my tiny nails into my thighs; Moving closer and closer to my pussy again, I grind my nails into my thighs even harder. I feel my pussy start to drip cum. I feel it slowly drip out of my pussy, down my amazing ass, and onto my bed sheets. Still not touching my clit, I stop playing with pussy. I move both of my hands back up to my breasts. I start to flick my nipples again. My hips buckle, and another chill goes up and down my spine in a flash. I pinch both of my nipples hard again, I feel my pussy become even wetter than before, and my legs go limp. I moan again, I suck on my lip harder and I moan even louder. Fuck it, I don't care if anyone hears me anymore. I pinch my nipples again, harder this time. I suck on my lip and feel and taste more of my warm, sweet, blood drip down my throat. I scream, I scream so loud that my body becomes somewhat weak.

But, I am way too horny at this point, I continue to excite myself, despite how weak I may be at the moment. I move my body up a bit so that I am in a somewhat sitting position. I start to massage my breast and moan lightly. While massaging my right breast, I take my left breast in my hand and pull it up to my mouth. I lick my lips so that they are wet, and I slowly move my lips across my nipple. My soft, wet lips tickle my nipple and I feel and electric sensation move through my body and down to my pussy. I open my mouth, and start to lick my nipple. I feel my warm, and wet tongue move slowly around my nipple; The electric feeling intensifies in my pussy and I begin to shake. I start to vigorously suck on my nipple and I grind my fingernails into my stomach and thighs. I feel my pussy become wet once again, and my body shakes even more. I start to get antsy, but I want this feeling to last, so I continue to suck on my extremely hard nipple. My breathing starts to become heavy, and I start to nibble at my nipple. I move one hand up to my breast and hold it at my mouth, and I grab at my thighs with the other hand. I start to gently bite my nipple, and I scream again. I grind my nails even harder than before into my thigh.

I go back into my image of my man and I...Our clothing has been completely removed and he is now lying on top of me. We kiss each other and I bite his lip. He smiles at me slyly; As he kisses me again, he thrusts his hard throbbing dick into my pussy. At first he moves slowly in and out of me. But then, as our breathing heavies he moves faster and faster. He starts to move harder inside my pussy. 'OOH GOD, BABY...OOH MY GOD YOU FEEL SOOOO GOOD. HARDER BABY HARDER. FASTER. OH MY...YOU'RE A GOD BABY, A FUCKING GOD!!!' My body tenses up and starts to shake. I can't take teasing myself anymore. I take both of my hands and move them down to my pussy. It has become extremely wet, and even more aroused than before. I spread my pussy lips open wide and I place two of my fingers on my clit. I start to rub my clit slowly, savoring how good it feels. I picture my man fucking me again. Even harder now, I like rough. I see myself grind my nails into his back and I bite into his shoulder. He moans in pain and my body tenses... I start rubbing my clit faster, thinking of my man fucking me harder. I take my other hand and shove three fingers into my pussy. Oh my god does that feel amazing. I am so wet, and so warm. Oh god do I love touching myself. I love feeling how soft the inside of my pussy feels, and how incredibly wet my pussy gets. I love to feel my self become wet, it is such an amazing feeling. I start to fuck myself hard. Thrusting my fingers vigorously in and out of myself, I rub my clit even faster. My hips buckle once again and I let out another loud moan. I bite my lips and suck on it again, mmmmm more blood. I start to breathe heavier, and my body begins to shake even more. I thrust fingers in and out of my pussy even faster; My toes curl under and the fingers on the outside of my pussy grind into my skin. I bite my lip harder, my breathing increases; I pinch my clit between my two fingers, and I finally let go. My body shakes uncontrollably. I feel myself cum, I feel my pussy become drenched in my cum, and I scream. My body starts to relax once again. I pull my fingers out of my pussy and bring them to my mouth. I lick up and suck in my juices. Hmmm, I taste pretty good, kind of sweet...My body becomes very limp, and I breathe in deep. I roll over to my side, fall asleep and dream of the day when I can finally be with my man again...



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