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Real Car Jackin'

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One of life's great pleasure...jackin' the meat...is a diversion that can be enjoyed almost anywhere. Inside, outside, or my favorite place, in the car. Here's a recent experience of mine. As I live in the southern part of California, there is no shortage of super hot, good looking women out running around all over town. I get so hot when I see a sexy woman walking by. So, being always prepared (I keep some lube and a towel in the car at all times), I happened to be a a local shopping center sitting in the car when I got the urge to you know.....whack off! It was hot that day so I was only wearing some gym shorts & a tee shirt & shoes. So, off came the shorts, out came the lube and up went my dick. As I slowly applied the lube and began to tug on my now enlarging hardon, I saw this absolutely delicious blond babe coming out of the store. She was about 25 or so, really big tits, great legs, wearing tight little white shorts & a black tube top & platform shoes. What a hottie! I thought I was gonna blow my load right NOW. I kept on whackin' the wienie as she passed by, oblivious to my presence. As she walked away I noticed further down the row a guy in a Jeep Cherokee seemed to be pulling the pud as well for the same babe. Interesting I thought, so I decided to check it out. I pulled out of the parking space and drove down the row, acting like I wasn't looking, but slightly checking the the guy out. Oh yeah! he was jerking alright, so I figured what the heck...let's see what he does if I park right next to him. He was backed in so as to get a better look a the honeys (plus in the Jeep, he was up high enough to see a lot more). So, I back into the space next to him so he could see right into my car's passenger side window easily. I had placed the gym shorts over my hard dick as a precaution. He acted like he would ignore me, but I could see that shoulder moving and I knew he was still jerking. Just then two really hot babes were coming up the row and I noticed the guy yanking a little harder, so I pulled the shorts off my pulsating cock and started to stroke. I couldn't believe how big my dick was now. I pumped it faster & faster as the chicks went by...man were they hot....then I noticed the guy was checking me out. He was now jerking harder than before and looking right into my passenger side window. This was driving my wild. I had never had anybody watch me before. I was so turned on. He gave a little nod and I returned to gesture as we both beat our cocks as good looking women walked by for the next 30 minutes. Finally the guy rolls down his window and motions for me to do the same. So, I did, and guy says to me 'man you got a really big dick' and I said something lame like 'thanks dud.' Then I say 'don't you love getting hard for all these cuties out here...I could beat off all day.' And he says 'yeah, I can't help but get a boner when these girls shake their asses. Makes me want to shoot a load.' So I say 'man, I know what you mean, I do this stuff all the time.' Just then, more honeys coming by, so we both shut up and got down to business. I love seeing big titted chicks and here came a goddess. I mean, big f...ing tits! So I start cranking even faster. I can feel the cum rising and know I'm close to blowing a load. The guy next to me is working it too, watching the chick and looking at me beat my huge cock. Just as Miss Tits passes by I shoot a long hot rope of cum almost to the dashboard, then five more not so far. The guy goes 'damn, I never seen nobody shoot like that! What a dick! You're one lucky bastard. Watching you made me cum all over myself, that was great!' Not knowing what to say, I just say 'cool'. So, with my balls now drained, I cover myself up and say 'hey, maybe see again sometime, I come here a lot'. He says 'for sure, you can count on it, I'll be back to see that big cock in action, wow! later dude.' And away I drove....yep...that's what I call car jackin'....more to cum



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