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Ready for Another Ski Season

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I can't wait for another ski season so we can relive our first night of masturbation together.


I like to consider myself a very considerate lover. My rule is three B4 me, in other words three orgasms for the girl before I earnestly go for one of my own. I made it very clear that I'm not looking for a relationship. I'm strictly a friend with benefits kind of guy. I don't just screw around; I date every girl I go out with a few weeks to make sure they are not crazies before we move on. I latched on to one as a freshman in collage who thought because we had had sex, that we were like engaged. I took a restraining order to straighten her out.

I had three or four girls that I could give and take at any given time, because I was not steady with any of them, sometimes they have plans, but I had never been without a date when I wanted/needed one. I lose one or two girlfriends a semester, when they move on to steady boyfriends. But if they break up, I was usually the first call. Interestingly most of my conquests are referrals from former or present friends, with which I share(d) benefits. That's how I came to meet, I'll call her Beca, she is two years younger than me. She had heard about me from one of her girl friends that had seen me prior to getting engaged. My friend with benefits told her that I give my girls multiples. Beca was incredulous, she did not think it was possible, at least not with her. I came to find out later, Beca told her that she was a one orgasm girl. Apparently her clit is just too sensitive after orgasm.

When I met Beca I was captivated by her natural beauty, not a cover girl, but she looked like a model rolling out of bed. She has short red hair and the cutest freckles that made her look about 14, though she is a grad student. She had A cup tits, with the most amazing nipples that would go hard at the least risque suggestion. Word was that she was technically a virgin at 23. I have never had the pleasure of taking a cherry. I dated older more experienced girls as a teen and until recently I tended to date girls my age or older. I like girls I don't have to teach how to please a man in bed.

Beca and I became fast friends, I found myself calling her more often than any of my other girl friends. I would jerk a couple off before my dates with Beca, just to keep myself from going too far too fast. The first time we started getting serious was a bit of a surprise. We went skiing one night. She led me down one of the closed darkened trails. It was a moonlit night once you got away from the lights and your eyes adjusted, it was easy to see where you were going. We were about half way down the hill when we saw a piston bully coming up the hill. Beca ducks into the woods and I follow. She kicks off her skis and plops down in an opening between the trails.

I join her and we tangle in a knot making out. I take off my gloves and put my hands in her jacket for warmth and to play. She has on a skin tight spandex top under her shirt. The silky feel and slippery sensation really has her going. She strengthens her legs and before I know it she is convulsing in orgasm. I have never known a girl to cum so fast just from nipple play. The piston bully swings around and heads back down the hill. For a moment when the headlights swept over us I thought we were busted, but he continued down the hill.

We needed to wait for him to finish the slope before we could break our cover. We began making out again and this time I undid her bibs and stuck my hand down her pants. I got to her clit and it was much like her nipples larger and harder and any I'd known. It was like a carrot at the top of her slit it stuck out like two cm. She lurched as I touched it, almost in pain, and she whispers 'too much'. I back off and massage her lower abdomen mostly over her hot chillies but occasionally dipping down to access her sensitivity. As her breathing started to get ragged I used just my palm to give a gentle overall pressure to the area as I jiggled my hand. She launched into another orgasm less intense but clearly satisfying, she tries to pull at my hand. I do not comply. At this point I know she has a hair trigger. I continue to work on her, specifically on the opening of her vagina. She has both her gloved hands around my arm. I diddle the soaking wet opening. I so want to taste her, but I don't want to let up my onslaught.

I move to penetrate with a single finger, and she grabs my arm with an urgent grasp. She says 'I've never had anything up there. I'll bleed all over please don't'. The rumour was true, I was dumb struck. I kept my hand there and kissed her with a deep soulful kiss. I told her not to worry, she is in charge of if and when, but I insisted she have another orgasm. She said 'Ok, but take it slow'.

I started whispering to her that she was so hot and this is so forbidden telling her the driver of the slope groomer probably saw us and is jerking himself off in the cab. Let's give him a real show. I told her to tell me what she wanted. She unzipped her jacket and pulled up her turtle neck and spandex top and said 'suck my tits'. The cool night air and what we had been doing had her inch long nipples very suckable. They tasted sweet like nothing I've tasted before. Beca's breathing deepened, she started thrusting her pelvis into my hand. I moved my hand in tiny circles. There were mini contractions more like winces of pain but she had both of her hands on my arm and there was no indication she wanted me to stop. We continued for almost five minutes until the piston bully came by with another sweep. Just as the headlights swept over us Beca starts to convulse rolling into me, to deny my further direct access to her clit. She screams into my jacket to muffle her voice. It was clearly a cry of pleasure not of pain. If not for the snow making machines, and the snow groomers, I'm sure you could have heard it at the bottom of the hill. Eventually after catching her breath She said 'that was amazing. I have never cum more than once in a session.'

She laid there cradled in close to me for warmth. After another pass of the groomer she said 'I'm getting cold, we either need to ski or I need some cocoa.' I was disappointed that I was not going to get mine but I needn't have worried.

We chose skiing, we went to the other side of the hill, and found it nearly deserted. We found it icy, but Beca said let's stay here for a couple of runs. The lift runs through the trees so it was a very romantic ride up. We made out like crazy the whole way up. All I could think about is baffing this girl crazy, but I knew it was not to be. The situation made me hornier than I have ever been. When we got to the top and I had a tent in my bibbers, despite boxer briefs and thermals underneath. My hard on was still clearly visible. Beca said 'that's quite a handicap. I bet I can beat you to the bottom of the hill.' It was a bit awkward skiing past other skiers with a raging hard on. But it really did not slow me down. I beat Beca to the lift though more likely because of being double her weight. Beca is a good skier.

So I got to the bottom of the hill and said 'what do I win'? Beca played like she did not know what I was talking about. I said 'you bet you could beat me and you lost. What were the stakes'. Beca said 'so you want stakes, I am betting you can't handle the stakes'. We were on the lift with no one ahead of us for like six chairs. Beca takes off her gloves and puts them in her coat, she reaches for the zipper of my bibbers. I have ones that zip up or down. She zips it up and proceeds to fish out my half hard dick. There are skiers that if they had been looking could have clearly seen Beca wanking me for all she is worth. The lift ride is about four minutes long and I was not paying attention to where we were. As we break the crest of the hill she zips down the zipper to my cock, leaving it completely exposed and as we emerge into the light. I'm left to tuck myself away, or bend over and hide my exposed boner under my coat. Beca is laughing hysterically as I get off the lift all hunched over trying to hide my hard on. Beca says 'let's see if you win this time.' I was at the top of the hill trying to get tucked away without drawing attention to myself. Beca beat me and said 'I'm hungry. You lost. Buy me dinner.' I asked about the pay out on my won bet, to which she said, 'I paid up. It's not my fault you were too slow to fully enjoy it.'

Beca said 'there will be time for more racing after dinner, maybe I'll let you win another. We stayed to the last ride. It turns out that a four minute lift ride was perfect for Beca. After three more attempts it turns out I can cum in less than four minutes also.

Beca is not letting me have my way with her, and has asked me to stop seeing other girls. I had not called anyone else in weeks anyway, and it seems that my old girl friends have found other distractions. The friend that introduced us has asked both of us to be at her wedding. I suspect that's the way we are headed.

Beca's a bit of an exhibitionist. We have got each other off in public places several times. They weren't as memorable as the first night in the cold, but Beca is never boring. If you asked me before if I would give up sex and be happy with one girl I'd have said no way. I guess it all depends on the girl.



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