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Re What I Want To Read

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I hope you enjoy. I look forward to hearing from any of you who did!


For 'Just Me'

I'll admit I'm a little into myself. I work hard to keep myself fit and I suppose I'm reasonably good to look at. Usually when I masturbate I like to have some visual stimulus but sometimes I either don't have time or I just feel like watching myself. Anyway when I'm fully hard the top of my cock reaches just under my belly button. It also almost as thick as my wrist.

Today was one of those days I felt horny but didn't want to look at porn. I had also recently just read 'Just Me's' post so I thought I would tell her about how I jacked off today.

I had just finished my morning workout so I was feeling especially hot and I had some time before having to go to work so I decided to take care of myself. My cock was starting to get hard; it was thick but still hanging down and my balls were hanging even lower. I started to stroke myself slowly, coaxing my cock fully awake. It felt smooth and hard in my hand and I could feel it throb slightly when I clenched my butt, forcing it to get harder. I was almost hard when I got out the bottle of coconut oil I keep handy. I poured some into my hand and started to rub it in. After a couple of liberal applications my cock was fully hard and glistening, standing erect. I flexed a couple times and could see it visibly expand, throbbing on command and standing up a little more. My balls still hung low as I rubbed some of the extra oil onto them.

I slowly began to rub my glowing cock, stroking it slowly up and down the full length of the shaft and the sensitive ridge at the base of the head. I stroked slowly for a few minutes until I could feel the precum welling up through my shaft. I rubbed the clear fluid around the head of my cock then began to stroke faster, keeping up a steady pace. I watched myself in the mirror, enjoying the way my balls were bouncing up and down as I stroked my cock. I could feel myself getting close but I was not ready yet so I slowed down a little. To intensify the feeling I held my balls in my left hand and lightly and put light pressure just behind them.

My cock was starting to throb in my hand all on its own. I was getting close again so I stopped and just squeezed my thick shaft for a moment until the feeling subsided. I continued to do this for a couple minutes then started stroking again, first slow then building speed until the throbbing came back. I could see my cock twitch and strain, feeling thicker and harder for a second with every pulse.

Finally I couldn't wait any more. I started to stroke my slick cock faster, enjoying the sound it made and my hand glided along the shaft. My breathing deepened and my whole body started to flex and clench in waves as my cock began to pulse almost in time to my heartbeat. I could feel the cum coursing up may shaft, thick and hot. The first bit shot out and hit the mirror in front of me, the rest of the massive load coming out slower, running down my fingers. I stroked myself for a moment longer, squeezing the rest of the hot cum from my cock. I felt hot and relaxed as I finally cleaned up and got in the shower.

I hoped you enjoy reading this as much I did writing it. I would greatly appreciate feed back, and not just from this particular bubble butt mom.



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