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Re: Public Stroking

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I hope I'm allowed to post two stories in a row. My last post in reply to Neko was about watching, not showing off. But her fantasy is to watch a man stroke in public, and I want to oblige her by sharing some stories about that.
As I said, I used to masturbate in public. When I saw a pretty girl, I would slip my hand into my pocket and stroke myself inside my pants. (Exposing myself seemed way too risky.) Often I would cum while staring at her. I especially liked to watch girls with pretty asses. Then I could watch them from behind, and they would not notice my staring, which became more intent (and glassy-eyed) as I approached my orgasm.
I haunted places where I could find pretty girls standing still long enough for me to do my thing (a couple of minutes was usually enough). Bookstores were good locations, and so were elevators. Once I did expose my cock in an elevator -- I was holding my dry cleaning in front of me, and stroked behind that. My fantasy was to actually shoot my cum on an unsuspecting girl's ass in a crowded elevator, but I never did it.
I once exposed my cock (behind my coat, I think) on a bus where a pretty girl was sitting across from me. I came on the seat, and having nothing to clean up with, left my cum there when I got off the bus. I wonder if she noticed it. Another of my favorite places was an ice cream parlor -- when the girl who worked there bent over to scoop my ice cream, I would often cum right then and there.
Once a girl gave me a hand job while her friend was lying (asleep, we thought) nearby. The next day the friend let my girl know she saw it all.
Twice I have had sex with a girl in public. The first time was in a playground (no kids were there). There was a tunnel for kids to crawl through, and my GF lay down in that and pulled down her pants. I went down on her, and she came quite vocally. I don't know if anyone heard. The other time my GF and I were walking in the park and were overcome with lust -- we lay down in the woods and fucked right there. She came pretty loudly, and as soon as she finished we saw a mother and son come down the path nearby -- they must have heard.
As you can probably imagine given my fantasies of watching and being watched, I like phone sex a lot. If a girl masturbates for me over the phone, I usually cum when she does, which is a big turn on for us both. Sometimes I tell her to imagine that each contraction of her orgasm causes cum to squirt from my cock. A shared orgasm -- the ultimate turn-on...
BTW, Neko, I do belong to the pay site. If you want to talk more, come on over!



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