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Re: 'Freddy's Hard On'

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I just read the account about 'Freddy's hard on'. I too had something similar happen to me last summer.


It was last summer. It was Saturday afternoon, if I remember right, and I was at the community house taking in some sun and swimming a little. As always, I was in one of my little bikinis. There wasn't many people there but among those that were was this guy named Dicky. He was laying on a cot taking in some sun. He was laying face down.

When I walked by him, Dicky would roll over on his side looking at me. I knew him but not real well. As I walked by, I looked over at him. Like Freddy in that other story, Dicky too had an enormous hard on in his trunks. But, unlike Freddy, Dicky wasn't standing behind something trying to hide it. Dicky obviously WANTED me to see it. And it was easy to see that Dicky was well blessed. His cock looked enormous.

When I got to the other end of the pool, I got a coke and looked back at Dicky. He had gone back to laying on his belly again. So, I started walking back towards him again to see if he'd roll over again to show it to me again. Sure enough, he again rolled on his side looking straight at me. He had a smile on his face.

Like Brittney in the other story, I too was sexually active and had been since my teens. I'd too had giving lots of hand jobs to boys plus other things. I was getting where I wanted to see that thing of Dicky's. So, the next time I walked past him, I stopped and asked him 'Enjoying yourself'? Dicky answered 'Sure am'. I looked at his cock and said 'Quite a bulge you've got there. You obviously want me to see it'. Dicky said 'Just showing you what you did to me thanks to that bikini of yours'. I turned toward the club house telling him 'Want to come with me'? Dicky said 'To where'? I said 'The bath room'. He said 'Sure'.

Dicky got up wrapping himself in his towel and followed me. I went in making sure it was empty and then motioned Dicky to come in. He did and I locked the door. I turned to him and said 'Let me see it'. Dicky took off the towel and then pulled down his trunks. I just stood there looking at his cock. it was the biggest I'd ever seen. It was big around and I know had to be 8' long. I walked up to him and said 'May I' showing him my hand. He said 'Have it'. I put my hand around it and it was more than a hand full. Dicky put his hands around me cupping my ass and pushing his cock into my belly. I turned it up between us and started stroking it looking down at it. I then opened my hand rubbing his cock against my soft belly. Dicky let out a moan and started thrusting his hips a little. He ran his hands over my thighs and back up to my ass. I kept up rubbing on his cock and then Dicky started saying 'Oh Anna. I'm going to cum. Oh Anna. Oh Anna' and with almost a bellow he started shooting his cum. It shot out and covered my belly and then ran down on his cock and my hand. I'd never seen so much cum in my life. It was even dripping down on the floor between us.

We got things cleaned up and headed back out to the pool one at a time so no one would suspect anything. Needless to say, I had to see Dicky again. And, did I ever. Not only did I see him but also felt him, if you know what I mean.



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