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I often feel inadequate because my penis is just about average in size and I don't have RAGING HARDONS.


Yes, I'm 58 and my dick gets hard EVERY DAY. My wife doesn't think much about sex. In fact I asked her this morning how often in the past week she had a sexual thought. She said, 'maybe twice.' That's part of our conflict-I guess that my sex thoughts range in the hundreds. The reason I asked the question in the first place is because I saw the thermometer and it read 69 degrees. Instead of focusing on the weather, I thought first about eating a pussy. Yes, my dick got a little hard at the thought.

I recall waking up early this morning (about 2am). I had a hardon and I had to pee. Now, that's an interesting combination. I had to jack off in order to soften my dick enough to pee. I didn't do anythying special-just spit in my hand and stroked myself FAST until I came. When the alarm went off at 5am I had another woody, but covered it up becasue there wasn't much time.

When I read the notes on this site I get aroused. Sometimes my five-inch cock gets hard and even leaks a little pre-cum. A quick visit to the washroom for a tug helps me get through the day. Maybe I'm a maniac, but I can still cum two to three times a day.


I just returned from the bathroom. Writing the above left me with a woody-no, it wasn't raging and it was still only five inches long. While in the bathroom, I sat on the toilet with my pants down. I began rubbing my dick with one hand and tickling my normal-size balls with the other. I enjoy the feeling of something in my ass so I moistened my Sharpie with a little spit and gently worked it into my butt. That pushed me over the end. I came, but it wasn't in long ropes or in massive amounts. I had a normal orgasm into a tissue. To make this a better story I do admit that I tasted my cum. It wasn't bad-a little bleachy smelling, but salty tasting.

My dick did not go down, so I'm sitting at my desk with another hardon. I can't run back to the toilet right now because people will think there's something wrong (I'm in a five-person office and we share the same toilet).

So, I'm reporting on my masturbation story, getting aroused while doing it, and explaining that some of us guys have regular dicks and we have simple orgasms. I'd personally like to read stories from men and women who are average, like me. I just feel really inadequate when all I read about is the guys with huge dicks, pendulous balls, raging hardons, and cum that spurts all over the room (I get a little puddle in a tissue that I flush down the toilet).

Let's hear from the rest of you AVERAGE FOLKS. Or, am I the only masturbator with a five-inch dick?



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