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Something happened that day, very unexpected.


A little background before I tell my story. I am a 42 year old mother of one daughter Helen, aged 20, who is at University in Exeter, and have been married to my husband John for 22 years. We live in a quiet village in Dorset, England. I would say our life is very good and settled, but because John is in politics, he is frequently away and seems tired a lot of the time, so our love life has become a bit mundane, and I find I have to masturbate two or three times a week as I get horny otherwise. (I will say at this stage that I am totally straight, but have always been curious as to what it would be like to be with another woman).

So a few weekends ago, Helen had invited one of her friends, Rachel, from Uni to stay, but she decided on the Sunday that she would go out with her boyfriend, and told me, not asked, to look after Rachel. I was quite annoyed with her as I didn't know Rachel at all, although she seemed very pleasant. I didn't know what her interests were or anything, I felt left in the lurch so to speak. To describe Rachel she is 19 years old, short blonde hair, similar height to me which is around 5'10', slim build with small breasts. I forgot to mention my frame is medium build with 36d breasts.

As it was a warm day I asked Rachel if she would like to go for a walk along our local river before lunch. There is a path that winds its way round, and we often stop off at the local pub before walking back. She said that would be great.

We left the house and walked along the river chatting about all manner of things, her life in Uni, my life married to a politician etc etc. She didn't have a boyfriend but preferred to get her head down and concentrate on her studies, although she said she enjoyed going out with Helen and other girls. Uni life was very sociable she told me.

It was a warm early Autumn day, and I was enjoying her company, and despite our age difference we seemed to get along very well. Suddenly, a dark cloud appeared and before we knew it the heavens opened and it poured with rain. We did our best to shelter under the trees but we were soaked, and the drop in temperature had an effect on both of us. Rachel was wearing an oatmeal coloured blouse and a short denim skirt, and when the rain had stopped her blouse was wet and almost transparent. I suddenly noticed that her nipples were hard and it was obvious she wasn't wearing a bra. When I looked up she noticed I was looking at her chest and smiled. I was wearing a top with a bra and shorts, but when I saw Rachel's nipples I felt my own had become hard against the inside of my bra, whether it was the drop in temperature or the sight of Rachel's breasts in an aroused state I don't know, but all I remember was feeling guilty staring at her nipples for a moment.

I suggested we get home and get out of our wet clothes, as we hadn't walked that far. Within ten minutes we were back at the house and shivering, I suggested she jumped in the shower to warm up. As she saw I was cold as well she said why don't we share it? I said 'Do you mind? then realised what I had said.

We stripped off and rather self-conciously I got into the shower with Rachel. The shower cubicle isn't very roomy, only built for one really, so it was a bit of a squeeze, and we couldn't avoid touching each other as we vied for space under the lovely warm water. After a few self-concious giggles, and warming up slightly, our shower puff thing, which we use for washing down with, was hanging on the side, and Rachel took it down and soaped it up. She rubbed the puff under her arms and then around her breasts. I couldn't help noticing her nipples were hard again and when I looked up she smiled at me. As she used the puff on her breasts she accidentally rubbed across my breasts making me feel tingles between my legs. The close proximity and accidental touches of Rachel began to make me realise this was just not two people of the same sex having a shower together, it was arousing and almost erotic.

I continued to watch Rachel wash herself, when she moved the puff down across her stomach and washed her bottom. Then, unashamedly and to my surprise she moved her hand round to the front and began to rub her cunny (sorry if you don't like this word but I have used it since I was a little girl).

But because we were so close, by rubbing herself, the outer folds of the puff were rubbing against my outer lips, at first tickling me but soon she seemed to press more into me. This convinced me she knew what she was doing and as she was rubbing her cunny, she looked up at me and smiled saying 'do you do that'.

I just smiled back knowing what she meant. Now I was feeling very aroused, the warmth of the water, Rachel 'accidentally' rubbing between our legs, it was making my cunny tingle and I felt my clit enlarge and surprisingly, juices seemed to be flowing out of me.

What happened next should not have happened, but in my aroused state I allowed Rachel to place the puff between our cunnies (we were both the same height) practically lip to lip, and she put her arms around my waist and pulled me towards her. I then felt her hands grasp my buttocks and pull herself into me, my hands remaining by my sides. She began to rub herself against me pulling and lifting herself up on her toes, which gave the impression of a circular motion. I could feel my clit rub against the puff and our breasts were pressed firmly together, her large nipples rubbing against mine. Our breathing became laboured, even over the sound of the water.

Rachel then looked up and straight in my eyes and kissed me lightly on my lips. Before this moment I had not responded except internally, but when I felt her lips on mine I put my hands on her buttocks before letting the puff slip from between our legs and did some pulling of my own. Lip to lip we ground into each other. I then allowed myself to be kneaded in the buttocks by Rachel, and another first, she rubbed her finger against my poop hole which in normal circumstances was out of bounds to everyone, even I felt it was dirty.

Rachel cried out and winced as if in pain, pulling me even harder into her, as if that was possible, 'oh, god, Jen, oh god' she said and jerked against me. At that moment I felt so much love towards this girl, as if she was my own daughter, who only 24 hours earlier was a total stranger, but the total difference now here I was, on the verge of an orgasm, watching this beatiful girl come against me.

She continued to jerk and her legs wobbled as my cunny and clit became electric, and I involuntarily kissed her back on the lips with the water cascading down, but as my clit exploded I stuck my tongue inside her mouth breathing, no snorting, in absolute exstacy as I came hard against her cunny lips. 'Oh Rachel, my love, oh god'. We continued to hold each other tight for what seemed like ages, occasionally pushing against each other as we both came down from our orgasm, but was probably only a minute. I can say right now that I have never before come so powerfully as I did that day, even with the penetration of my husbands penis.

I was feeling rather guilty for what had happened, we each dried ourselves off individually, not saying a word between us. I got dressed in a summer dress, Rachel in another skirt and top. I asked her if she would like a hot drink which she accepted.

As we sat in the kitchen I broke the silence by saying that was probably the most exciting thing ever happen to me, but felt it must never happen again as I loved my husband. She said she was pleased that she was able to please me, and admitted that she had done this with other girls at Uni, but not Helen 'who was more interested in men' she said, but said she was a good friend who she could rely on.

To cut a very long story short, Rachel went back to Uni with Helen the next day, and Helen said she had moved abroad with her parents a few months later.

I tried to get back to normal afterwards, and sex with my husband was a bit more stimulating as I was in an aroused state, but because of his absence from home a lot, I was left to take care of my own needs as usual, but since this amazing event in my sexual life I seem to want to crave sex even more! Its as if a spark has gone off between my legs. When I am on my own I create my own masturbation heaven and stimulation often using soft porn images on the computer which I have hidden from my husband and using warm oils on my skin. Of course, the biggest stimulation is the memory of Rachel coming against me constantly making me horny and I have to have an orgasm most days now.

I often wonder where she is and whether she is still doing what she did to me with other girls. I often wonder when I am masturbating what would have happened if we had gone further, what we could have done together, feeling each others cunnies and tasting each other. I don't know if I could trust myself if an opportunity arose to be with another woman again, as I would probably have no hesitation and allow myself to be intimately aroused and ultimately orgasm for ever.

Oh god, time to end as I need a release as writing this has made me wet. I hope you enjoyed this part of my life, I know I did.




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