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Quickest, Most Intense Orgasm Ever

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Absolutely true story, and probably the shortest time I have ever had from actually physically starting to masturbate to achieving orgasm. Would be interested to know about others' experiences in this vein - can anybody beat my 30 seconds?


I had been horny as hell all day, and done nothing about it, even though my mind kept drifting onto ways I could get myself off. I was so turned on that when I'd absentmindedly leaned against the washing machine during its spin cycle, I was *this* close to cumming before I checked myself, telling myself that I would save my orgasm for a reward after my chores were done.

So, the wash finished and I bundled up the wet clothes in a basket and took them out in the garden to hang on the line. Half concentrating on my washing, and half on my pussy, I could feel myself getting wetter and wetter inside my knickers as I contemplated the idea of just leaning up against the garden wall, slipping a hand down my skirt, and bringing myself to orgasm there and then. I knew, though, that I shouldn't do it - my garden is overlooked from all sides and what would the neighbours think?

Hanging out a large double sheet, I dropped a peg on the ground - and in stooping to pick it up I realised I was partially disguised behind it. I could so easily have masturbated myself right there, but the nagging voice at the back of my head stopped me once again. I did feign interest in some blades of grass for a few seconds while kneeling and grinding my clit into my heel, and even slid two fingers inside myself for a short moment, but felt suddenly self conscious and couldn't finish. As I stood back up, however, those few seconds of stimulation seemed to have made my pussy buzz in a way I couldn't ignore. Thoughts of housework faded far into the distance, and all I could think about was how wet I was.

Without any real conscious thought, all caution went out the window. Before I was really aware of what I was doing, I was half-sheltered behind the sheet, legs wide apart and hips forward, breathing heavily and concentrating intently as I let a hot stream of pee cascade through my knickers and down my legs to the ground. Wetting myself has always turned me on, and doing so outdoors even more so - but I had always kept it to private places until this afternoon. The thought that I could be so easily observed only turned me on more. I swear I nearly came there and then, just from the thrill of having had my fingers inside my pussy and pissed right there on the ground in front of anybody who would care to look.

I wish I could say I was brave enough to stay outside and finish myself off where I was, but I was worried that I would draw too much attention to myself with the noise I make when I cum, so ran indoors - wet knickers rubbing up against wet pussy as I went. Slamming the back door, I hitched my skirt and pulled the front of my knickers down just enough to allow access to my hot, throbbing clit. Even though it felt amazing, I didn't even contemplate trying to spin this feeling out, I just worked my hand into my pussy harder and faster than I have ever done before. Immediately I could feel the first contractions of orgasm, and the combination of knowing how naughty I'd been and hearing the noise my wet pussy made as I rubbed it pushed me over the edge. Within 30 seconds I was grunting, moaning and struggling to breathe as the most intense orgasm of my life took over my whole body. I have had some amazing experiences in my time, but never cum as hard as that... although maybe it will act as incentive to go further before hiding away next time.



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