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Putting On A Show

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Putting on a Show!
I was nineteen when I met Judy, my first real girlfriend. She was only fifteen and a virgin. Not just another ordinary virgin, no sir, she was the BEST type...horny and eager to learn. I taught her to give championship caliber blowjobs and handjobs (at to her wedding, her new husband could not stop thanking me).
Well, like most first loves, it ran its course but Judy and I still remained as friends. Friends that didn't mind an occasional fuck or blowjob until Judy started going out with some other guy. She regrettably informed me that she didn't think it would be right for us to continue to swap jizzim. I reluctantly agreed, however worried that never again would I reap the benefits of my instruction.
My worries did not last long as one day I went over to her new apartment to drop something off. To my surprise, she apparently wasn't home, as no one answered the door even though she knew I was coming over. As I was about to leave, I noticed the door was not shut tight, so I pushed it open and walked in. The stereo was blasting Van Halen and I could here the shower running.
As I walked towards the bathroom, the door was ajar and the light was off as steam bellowed out to the ceiling. I quietly entered, intending to playfully scare her with a, "BOO!" However, as I walked in, the sunlight from the steamed up window above the shower, magnificently projected a silhouette of her strong firm body against the opaque shower curtain, as sharp, pulsating sensations of lust began to over my good senses.
I felt my urges take over as a hardy boner spouted in my levis. Still apparently unnoticed, I sat down on the closed toilet seat as I unzipped, unleashing my manhood and dropping my jeans to my ankles. We hadn't fucked in months and vivid memories of her milking me dry, continued to haunt me. I couldn't keep my hands off my dick as I stroked it to hugeness. I reached around to the back of the toilet, grabbed a bottle of lotion, lubed up and went to work.
"Is she going to freak out when she sees me sitting here watching her shower as I strangle my chicken? Is this going to ruin our friendship?" I wondered these things for a second or two until I realized, what the fuck, as my dick never felt so big.
With every twist of her body as she leaned over to shave her legs, I could make out the shadow image of her breasts swaying and of her obviously erect nipples. I was out of my mind in masturbatory lust when I realized this will be a masturbation fantasy for life. With that thought in mind, I let my anxiousness go and fell into a self-pleasuring trance.
She suddenly shut the water off and I thought this is were I get busted. A hand reached around, pulling the curtain aside as she reached for a towel. The curtain was pulled back far enough, that for a quick second I caught a glimpse of her face.
Apparently, she still had not noticed me and I tried to remain very quiet. My balls tightened and my dick head swelled as it began to leak my thick pre-cum.
It seemed odd that the more anxious I grew waiting to get discovered and fearing Judy's reaction, there more turned on I became. In a frightening instant, with no warning at all, the shower curtain flew open, and standing there, barely five feet from me, Judy stood. Her body, still moist with sweat from the hot shower, glimmered as the sunlight from the window behind her seemed to wrapped around her forming an aurora.
She stood, with her legs slightly spread for balance, her head engulfed in her towel, as she vigorously rubbed her hair dry. As she began to wrap the towel around her hair, exposing her face and eyes, she looked right at me.
In fact, make that right through me, locking her big brown eyes straight into mine. She would not utter a sound as her eyes drilled me and my cock began to take over my senses.
The wench knew I was there the whole time! She stepped out of the shower and stood over me as she primed. I thought I was going to lose it and start squirting everywhere when she reached over and around me for the lotion, her left tit and nipple barely rubbing against my nose and cheek. Still, no sound from her, it is as if I wasn't there.
She wrapped the towel modestly around her for her short walk down the hall into her room. Without anything being said, I followed her, my jeans around my ankles and a boner of all boners bouncing its way in front of me.
She began opening and closing her drawers, looking for what she was going to wear as I sat awkwardly on the edge of her bed with my dick in my hand. She suddenly dropped her towel and reached for her red silk robe that barely covered the bottom of her perfect ass. She cinched the tie in front of the robe loosely, so her tits would flash for me every time she turned a certain way.
This is a dream fantasy that will be keeping my dick hard for decades, a voyeur's nirvana. I stripped totally naked, propped myself up against a stack of pillows and leaned back and finally got totally into it. An 8.5 earthquake, a category 5 hurricane or world war III would not have distracted me. My balls tightened and my entire insides felt as if they were being vacuumed out via my dick.
She began trying on bras, bikini's, even pulling out the garters and crotchless panties I bought for her two Valentine Days prior. The fucking tease was playing to my fantasy. She was going to give me something to remember her by. She would bend to show me her ass and turn around to dangle her full breasts for my viewing pleasure. My hand began to stroke feverishly. I could feel it beginning. My cum beginning the journey from my nuts to...the ceiling, I felt a geyser cumming!
She sensed the inevitable, turned straight at me, dropping her robe and staring right at my dick as she licked her lips. It seemed as if I could literally feel her eyes on my dick, telepathically willing my cum out! Still, we have not spoken a word, although audible grunts and other similar sounds began to rumble out of me, warnings of the impending eruption.
She stepped up on the bed, hovering her wet pussy above me. She continued to stare at me as she begun to play with her hard clit. Her face began to contort like I have never seen before. She sped up the intensity of her frigging, only stopping to spread and show me her sopping wet pussy.
Together, we became a swirling ball of sexual energy, as we began to gyrate as we jerked off in unison.
I never had seen this side of Judy and her face actually had a pained looked that I knew was not pain but the beginning of a major league orgasm. In an instant, semen was sent surging through my dick, despite my best efforts to delay my orgasm and make it last. There wasn't an ounce of control left in me, as my hips began to buck, my stomach muscles convulse and Judy's eyes seemingly willing my cum out of my dick with her eyes.
Suddenly, I erupted, sending a cumshot at least three or four feet in the air, actually landing on Judy's stomach as she stood over me. More and more I squirted, all over the place. Judy screamed like an animal and something happened that in my wildest dreams I never imagined. She came, came like a steaming 300 ton locomotive, SQUIRTING CUM AT ME, OVER AND OVER AGAIN. She ejaculated at least a foot or two as I had pussy juice squirting in my face and onto my chest. I would continue to cum till there wasn't an ounce of moisture left in me.
Judy fell into a heap on top of me, cum covering ourselves and the bed. We laid there, her body on top of mine in an orgasmic limp pile of flesh and bodily fluids. Up until that time, I never witnessed let alone knew a woman can ejaculate like a man. As we held each other, she began licking her own cum off of my face when she said, "Now you know what its like!"
That was the last time we had any sex together, (in person). I have relived that experience over and over again in my imagination. I can't imagine ever reliving that astonishing combined fever pitch of sexual energy. However, if the occasion should happen again, I will be ready.



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