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Pure Sensation

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Hello and thanks for this website.
A little background info on me before we get to the good stuff. I'm 32, in a steady heterosexual relationship with the greatest guy on Earth. I don't follow any patterns, sometimes I masturbate 5 times a week, sometimes only once. Sometimes I do it in less than 30 seconds without even undressing, sometimes it's a marathon. I started when I was 5, but then I didn't know what I was doing. I learned to do it very fast because I never had any privacy at home or in college but now that I live in my own house, I thoroughly enjoy my time alone. ;o)
My boyfriend is away a lot for his work. He knows what I do when he's not home. (And I know he likes to 'let out some pressure' while on the road *g*) But we're both ok with that. Sometimes we do masturbate each other, but as of yet we haven't tried doing in front of each other; although there's some stories on here about it that makes me want to try it. So, on to my particular method, hope it helps someone out there.
I make sure I won't be disturbed. I unplug the phones, draw the curtains, lock the doors. It may sound silly, but doing those little, ordinary things help me get in the mood. Like, 'Oh, I'm going to be so naughty' kinda thing. I start the fireplace so the living room is nice and warm by the time I'm finished 'dressing'. Dressing is rather simple, a silk nightie which feels great on the skin and a silk thong (all silk, no cotton lining). I get all my things ready: a cup of hot water in which I put a small bottle of lubricant, a glass of icy cold water full of ice cubes, a porn DVD, dildo, vibrator, towels and sugarless cough drops. (Intrigued yet? *BEG*)
I put my towels on the floor in front of the fireplace, and I lie down on it. I'm not a regular smoker and I'm not a promiscuous person, but if I'm fantasizing about picking up a sexy stranger in a bar, the lipstick and having a cigarette add to the whole thing, like I'm being a bad girl for a night. I'll play some music (Love Deluxe by Sade is the ultimate for masturbating) or, if I'm not in the mood to fantasize, I'll pop in the XXX DVD, but I mostly use it for the sounds of people fucking. By then, my silk nightie is all warm from the heat of the fireplace and I'm starting to feel myself getting wet. I'll touch myself all over and feel my pussy through the warm wet silk. I tug on my thong a bit and it sends shivers up my spine, slippery as it is, sliding back and forth. I finger myself through the silk and when the thong is soaked, I remove it and finger myself some more. Then I get one of the ice cubes and rub it all over, fells great on hot skin and my hot pussy. I insert it and let it melt, using my finger to help the cold water drip out. It feels so good... When I'm nice and cold down there, I get my cough drop and rub it straight on my clit, rub it on my pussy and put it in a bit. The feeling is a warm tingle that contrasts a lot with the cold from the ice. I keep fingering myself with the cough drop and then I replace it for another ice cube. Now, the ice cube after the cough drop, whoa... That feels great! If you can stand it, ice your clit: the feels of warm fingers after will send you straight to heaven. Sometimes I can make myself come like this, but most of the time, I will hold until I get the dildo and vibrator out. I usually lie down with my knees bent and I warm them both in the crook of my knees. I lube them really well with the warm KY, and the sounds from the porn flick gives me a sense of urgency so I tickle myself with the dildo, flicking it on my pussy like a tongue, getting one inch in and out and then shove it in all at once. I have this 'game' where I count to ten. 9 slow, 1 fast shove, 8 slow, 2 fast shoves and so on and so forth, until it's 10 fast shoves and I keep pumping, my hips are swaying and arching and I come...
I take a breather, sometimes do some more of the ice cube and cough drop routine, or I'll move on to the dildo and vibrator. We have this low futon and I can make my dildo stick straight out from under the cushion at a 90 degrees angle. SO I back myself on it, doggie style and fuck myself, using the vibrator on my clit, round and round. I feel very sexy, going at it like that, on the floor with one breast out of my silk nightie which is half soaked from the melted ice and my juices. I have another orgasm with the vibrator alone, and then I go to the bathroom for my finish: I get down in the bath and let water drip from the faucet down on my pussy. I'll increase the flow gradually and get myself off another time. Then, I take a nice bath and I'm ready to face the world again. :o)
Maybe I'll post my 'summer method' later... Thanks for reading and girls: please masturbate yourselves. There's nothing else in the world that will make you learn more about your body, it will make you a better lover and a more relaxed individual. And if you somehow need permission to masturbate, consider it granted by yours truly. *wink* Have FUN!



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