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It's suprising sometimes how easily these things can happen to you - if you set about making them happen!


I first discovered this site a few months back, and it'll come as no surprise to fellow readers that more often than not, after reading a few stories whilst working my way backwards through the archives I'll return to my favourite of the day and re-read it, this time with my cock in my hand and a wad of tissues nearby.

As an aside, I'd like to offer a tongue-in-cheek observation - anyone reading these stories could be forgiven for thinking:

1. Every 15 year-old boy has an incredibly hot, blonde 17 year-old sister with perky breasts who loves nothing more than stripping naked and jerking off her little brother...

2. Every 22 year-old guy has an incredibly hot, red-headed 19 year-old cousin who they haven't seen for 5 years but just happens to be staying with them for a week, confesses that she has never touched a guy's dick, and wants to get naked and then masturbate each other.

3. Every 12 year-old boy has a 14 year-old sister who brings her friends over to the house to watch her brother masturbate every time the parents go down to the shops for an hour (which happens to be every day).

4. All 15 year-old girls masturbate together in groups of no less than 4.

5. Every time a man in his mid-forties gets busted masturbating by the 20 year-old maid/secretary/cleaner/neice/next-door-neighbour, they're intently interested in watching him 'finish off', and there's a good chance they'll have their hand down their own panties before he's done.

That aside, I find some of these stories incredibly erotic and - true or not - I find myself more and more 'inspired' to manoevour myself into like situations. And tonight, I threw caution to the wind - I've just gotten home and I can't wait to chronicle it for you. So here goes...

Years and years ago my ex and I were still fooling around after we had officially parted ways - mainly because we still lived together. But without the confines of a relationship, things soon 'opened up' and one of her best friends was 'invited to the party'. Great stuff! There was a 3rd friend, K, who incidently I had always had a thing for and although she knew what we were getting up to, she never showed any interest in getting involved. It almost happened once, but I blew it! Damn!

Anyway, over the years we've drifted our separate ways but I've kept in very occasional touch with K. And I mean, once-every-2-years occasional. A few years back I did get together with my ex's best friend for a 'reunion' which I was somewhat surprised later to find out K knew about. After that I did throw the occasional hint K's way but nothing came of it.

Tonight I worked myself up by reading a few more stories from the archive but instead of grabbing the tissues I grabbed the phone and called K. I didn't hold anything back - she already knew I found her physically attractive - but didn't know how many times I'd jacked off whilst mentally undressing her. I told her about this site and what sort of stories get me off and finally, after describing a similar story, told her how much I'd love it if she'd watch me jack off. I assured her she didn't have to do anything but watch. Whilst I only actually asked her once, she skirted around the issue for a while by asking me all manner of questions and it was only about 20 minutes later that she actually volunteered! I couldn't get over there fast enough.

Well, unless you're in a relationship, you can't just walk into someone's house and pull your pants down. So we made some chit-chat for a bit, and then I commented on how great she looked (I hadn't seen her for a few years). I was pleasantly surprised that the conversation turned instantly sexual. She complained that her 'tits don't sit were they used to' and naturally I exclaimed that they looked pretty good from where I was sitting (she was wearing a singlet top over a bra). 'You should see them wihout a bra to hold them in place...' she lamented. 'Yes, I was just thinking that I should!' I replied, with a very wicked grin. The look she gave me suggested that that was a very real possibilty!

A few more minutes of this banter and my cock was straining to bust out of my pants. I made no attempt to hide it and she made no attempt to pretend not to see it. When I couldn't take much more of this I asked her if she'd mind if I took my cock out and started stroking it. She had no objections.

At first I was blown away by the simple fact that, after all those years of fantasising, here I was actually sitting on a couch in front of K masturbating - and all it took was a phone call! I savoured that thought as long as I could, but it wasn't long before other 'forces' took over. I was getting hornier by the minute and hence more bold by the minute. 'Gawd K!' I exclaimed whilst pumping away on my cock, 'would you take your top off for me... would you show me your tits?' I almost pleaded. When she smiled and answered in the affirmative, I had to slow down or I'd lose it before she even got to her bra!

K removed her singlet with little ceremony, then reached behind her back to unclasp her bra. My first thought was that I wanted to cum just as she removed her bra, but then I thought that if I lasted longer, I could look at her tits longer. So I didn't increase the pace on my cock - a slow rhythm now - when she wriggled out of her bra. Then she simply leant back on the couch and watched me with a grin wearing nothing but a short denim skirt and white panties, which she made no attempt to conceal. I don't know of a man alive that would complain about her breasts! If they weren't perfect, they weren't far from it!

I could've sat for days looking at her like that, but even with a slow rhythm, I could feel I was nearing the point of no return. I can't recall much of what I said in the ensuing minutes, but no doubt it was glowing praise, in no uncertain terms, about her body and most probably what I'd like to do to it. And so finally my own body succumbed to an intense orgasm as I held my cock against my stomach to spurt hot cum over my chest. I milked the last few drops from my swollen purple head and then raised my hand to my mouth and licked the cum that had dribbled onto my finger.

When I looked again at K I noticed she was sitting almost side-on to me, both her long legs half bent and her feet resting on the couch beside her. Her hand was wedged firmly between her legs, obviously against her pussy but her position told me she was a little embarrassed by it. When my gaze returned from her panties to her face, she gave a considered sigh and then exclaimed 'that was pretty hot! Especially the last bit!'

After a few moments, still basking in the after-glow and not wanting to move, she still hadn't removed her hand from her pussy so I encouraged her to 'go for it' herself and that I was more than happy to watch. 'Next time...' she half-heartedly promised. I didn't push it further and we lay silent for a few more minutes until I had to make a move to clean myself up before I made a mess of her couch. I excused myself and went to the bathroom.

In the bathroom I envisaged myself returning to the loungeroom to find her naked, spread-eagled on the couch and fingering herself at a furious pace. But alas, instead, I found that she had put her top back on, albiet minus the bra I was pleased to note. I dressed myself and the conversation finally started to flow again.

Not long after that I left. She exclaimed that what just happened, wouldn't have even entered her mind as a possibility before tonight. However, she said she was surpised at how much of a turn-on she found it, and assured me that she'd be happy to do it again, and that she'd like to reciprocate if she could build up the nerve. I also told her that I'd love for her to give me a hand-job, and she seemed perfectly willing to comply. I also asked for one last look at her tits before I left.

I've literally walked in the door and started typing this story. Now, it's off to bed, but I do know that tomorrow morning I'll wake up to a memory of tonight and start jacking off immediately.

I just hope she doesn't have a change of heart in the cold light of day. She's an incredibly sexy girl, and somehow knowing that all this is new to her is doubly exciting. I wonder if she masturbated after I left? I certainly hope so. I know we can both get something out of this arrangement.

I did ask her if it was OK that I detailed our encounters on this site. She said she didn't have a problem as long as she couldn't be identified. I hope reading this she knows exactly what she did for me. I hope you all do too?!?

I'll keep you posted.



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