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Practice, Practice, Practice

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Practice, practice, practice
I was at the house of this friend of mine, and she and I were joking about how she was going to practice giving a hand job, using me, so she could do a good job on any guy who really wanted her. I told her that I would give 'extra credit' for a job well done. So we started laughing....... and after a weird silence, she suddenly reached across and mashed her lips on mine. This really had me by surprise, but then i soon took her into my mouth, but she then mounted me and removed her lips from mine so that she could unleash my throbing boner. In seconds she was on the edge of the bed sucking and licking my swollen penis. She soon started to caress it, and play with it, and then she started to jack it. it was her first time, and she did a really good job, and in response, i came all over her face. She started to wipe it off, but i pushed her down, took off her clothes, wiped it off her face, and put it on my fingers. I rubbed it around her nipples and all over her pussy. Then i put 2 fingers in her pussy and started going in and out slowly and painfully. She started to go faster, but i fought her, and kept my slow steady and hard pace going. She was not one to masturbate, so this was in inredible feeling for her and she was writhing in pleasureable pain. Her back was arched, and she was almost yelling. Finally, when she started to scream, i went faster and faster. I licked her clit with my tongue, and she started to go 'oooh uuugh..' and i knew it was time to step it up. I put in a third finger, and going super fast, she yelled one final uuuuuuuuugh....... and cum burst forth in an orgasm neither of us will forget. She was so tired that she fell asleep with my fingers still in her tight pussy.
I was back from a long 3 week trip, really horny, and I really needed to jack off. I called my girlfriend to tell her that I was home, and she said to look in the VCR. She had keys to my apt, and sure enough was a home made video of her doing a complete stripshow, and then fingering herself till she came. In no time i had a towel down and was coaxing my cock to unleash its load. Right before the point of no return, she bust in the door, ripped off her clothes, and started to jack me off. She went really slow, wanting to let me feel the pleasure she got from the fingering above, and then she stopped, rolled over, and pointed to the cleavage between her deep DD's. In notime i was in her cleavage, humping like no tomorow. Then........ with no indication to her, i came allllll over her face and mouth. Hows that for a welcome home party.



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