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Pool Pleasure

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I wasn't exactly the most conservative kid during high school


At my high school, every other year the school's classical orchestra will go on a trip to some city around the United States. This particular event happened during a trip to Chicago a few years ago.

The day of the trip, we all met up at the school at about seven thirty in the morning to load up into the bus. The ride was about seven hours, but the orchestra teacher had chosen to be more considerate and chartered a coda bus after the grumpy complaints of kids regarding the classic yellow bus the years before. I usually masturbate once or twice a day, but for the last two days before the trip, I had been cramming homework and studying for the tests that I would otherwise be missing during the trip. As a result, my usual masturbation sessions had been neglected, and I was feeling rather pent up on the bus ride there. I had planned to get some relief during the bus ride, but the girl in the seat next to me seemed determined not to sleep, and stared doggedly at the bus television for the entire trip, further stalling my plans for masturbation. So, I contended myself with squeezing a water bottle between my legs and humouring myself with some rather stimulating fantasies. Needless to say, by the time we reached the hotel, I was SOAKED.

We arrived at the hotel at four that night, and after showering and performing at a nearby museum, I could barely contain my need for sexual relief. As soon as we got back to the hotel, I headed for the bathroom of the room I shared with three other girls in the orchestra, only to be cut off by Sandy (name changed) who had been rather sick for the entire day. Finally resigned to the fact that I was going to have no chance for masturbation for another few hours until my room-mates were asleep, I decided to join some fellow orchestra members in the pool,

Now I'm sure most of you would envision a classical orchestra as a collection of relatively nerdy, non-athletic and introverted kids, for whatever reason, although we have a few members that fit that stereotype, most students in our particular orchestra are rather outgoing and some are even quite athletic. Since I had forgotten a bathing suit at home, I decided that I would content myself to dangling my feet in the hot top and chatting with some friends. However, upon arriving at the pool, I saw that most girls had the same problem (although for some reason all the guys had come prepared), and a few had simply taken off their clothes and joined the fun in their underwear. I'm quite confident in my body, very skinny with very small A breasts (about 5'4'), but some nice lower body curves, and Since I wasn't wearing anything particularly revealing (at least no more so than the average bikini), I decided to join them.

The boys of the group had decided to entertain themselves with a game called chicken jousting. Apparently, the contestants team up in groups of two, whereupon the smaller member of the group will climb onto the shoulders of the taller and proceed to attempt to knock their fellow contestants off of their mounts shoulders. What this game has to do with chickens, I still have no idea. After watching a round or two, I decided I got what was going on and decided to join in.

Upon entry, I got paired up with a quite tall (6'2' I think) and slim boy (we'll call him Joe) whom I'd known for a few years through various running events. I climbed up on his neck, and latched on with my thighs. Joe immediately proceeded to charge a nearby friend of his, calling for me to 'shove that midget off'. Of course, things didn't go quite as expected, and after a brief tussle we retreated. However, as I rocked back and forth on Joe's shoulders, I grew ever more distracted, and without realizing what I was doing, began to grind my clitoris on the back of his neck. After ten seconds or so of this, I realized what I was doing, and stopped, mortified at such a public display of sexuality. But, then it occurred to me, why the hell not, everything was so wet nobody would notice, and it wasn't like people were watching me. Of course, I would later learn from a friend that this wasn't exactly true, it turns out my bra wasn't quite opaque when wet, and I'd given everyone a nice look at my then aroused nipples. I continued to hump my rides neck for the next few minutes of the game, before experiencing the most powerful clitoral orgasm I've ever had. Some weird combination of my need for release, the publicity of my environment, and the intimate involvement of an unknowing partner in my masturbation, triggered a mind blowing orgasm. My stomach began to pulse, waves of pleasure emanating from my nether regions, before nearly blacking out out, subconsciously squeezing my legs together.

My obsession with these sensations was cut short as my legs were grabbed and Joe began to pull them apart, cursing and inquiring whether I intended to choke him to death. Of course, I immediately let go, and after floating in the shallows for a minute, recovering my breath, I returned to my room, already craving another orgasm that little did I know a room-mate would be happy to provide...



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