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Pool Jets

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Following the story of my first ejaculation which happened when I was 17, this one is about what I did with pool jets.


It started when I was about 11. I had discovered masturbation a couple of months before, and since then, I got hooked to it. One of the issues I had was the lack of privacy to do it, I was sharing my bedroom with my slightly younger brother to which I hadn't explained 'the trick' yet, so masturbating was not easy to do without him noticing it; since I was getting the urge to do it on a regular basis, I tried to find other places where I could have some longer privacy.

I soon found that the bathroom was a perfect place. Shower time was not bad, but I liked to take my time, and it didn't really allowed it; on the other hand, I took a full, long bath once every Sunday, which gave me a wonderfully extended private time. So that was my most enjoyable masturbation session of the week for sure.

I don't remember exactly how I discovered it, I think it was by accident that if I passed the water jets of the shower pommel on the underside of my penis, it felt like a great massaging device that could bring me to orgasm quite fast, as the sensations were simply overwhelmingly powerful. I took the habit of using it during each bath masturbation session, getting a couple dry orgasms in only a few minutes. Actually, during that summer, I took every possible opportunity to take more baths, and they tended to last longer than ever, my slowness to wash desperating my mother.

Clever boy as I was, I quickly connected the dots with pool jets at the public swimming pool. I was going there every Saturday, and I had noticed those jets a long time ago, but it had never come before to my mind that I could use them as masturbation device. So the next Saturday, after having done a couple pool lengths, I found one of such a jet device, and tried to put it over my penis.

Boy, the feeling was simply amazing! If I kept some small distance between the jet system and my crotch, it was feeling like a softer version of what I did with my shower pommel at home. I instantly got hard, and after less than five minutes, I was crushed by a first powerful orgasm. Once I climaxed, I found out that I needed to get out of the jet for a few seconds, else it would not feel good. By going in and out, I could have several orgasms in a rapid succession, only stopping when I was exhausted by them.

With some practice, I found out that it was pretty easy to mostly conceal what I was doing. I also discovered that I wasn't the only one to do that, several other kids were obviously performing the same kind of activity. I received a confirmation of that at a scout camp I went to when I was 14, where another guy of my age confessed that he used to do that for a long time, until he started to ejaculate and it became messy.

Although I did it less often as I grew older, I was still doing that trick on a regular basis until I started to ejaculate. At first, it wasn't really an issue, I was often having dry cums and when I had one of the rare wet ones, it was only a small drop of some clear, watery fluid that left no trace anywhere. Things changed a few months later; my semen started to thicken and take its adult texture, leaving noticeable stains on my swimming trunks. Moreover, my multiorgasmic ability vanished, so pool jets could not give me the long sessions I enjoyed before. Thus I finally completely stopped the practice when I was close to being 18.

Although I keep enjoying masturbating nowadays, I miss those convenient days when I could ride the pool jets and get orgasm after orgasm without anybody noticing it!



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