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Pledging My Fraternity

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I never knew this stuff went on inside the frat houses


This fall, I started college at the local campus, an inner-city university of about 26,000 students. Maybe 5,000 live on campus, and there are what I consider to be a lot of fraternity houses. I've always been a bit of a loner and thought it would be cool to be part of a frat to meet new friends, so the next 4 years wouldn't be lonely. I'm pretty goodlooking, and a smart guy to talk to one on one.

I noticed an ad in the student paper about a 'rush' party at one of the frats, and decided to check it out. I got myself looking tip top and headed over about 8:30. I didn't recognize anyone, and wandered downstairs where it was not so brightly lit. Carrying my glass around, I sat down in a corner on a loveseat, taking in everything around me.

After a couple minutes, a guy with longer blonde hair and loose shorts sat down and introduced himself as 'Zach,' a junior on the soccer team. He was from Europe, playing here because of the team's national reputation, and, to say the least, was gorgeous. Growing up, I've always been attracted to cute guys, but never acted on any of my urges for fear of being an outcast.

Zach and I had similar career interests, business, and talked for awhile about classes, the school and city, etc. Then he asked if I was serious about pledging here and if I wanted to look around the house. 'Definitely,' I said, excited to have met a 'cool' guy I could talk to.

He showed me the various common areas, 'we cleaned up the bathroom a bit before tonight,' he laughed, and then we climbed the staircase to the third floor so he could show me his room. 'Not everyone has a private room,' he said, 'they go to upperclassmen first.' It was a nicely laid out room with a twin bed and small fridge. Zach tossed me a beverage and we sat down on the bed. 'Are you okay living with other guys?' he asked. 'Sometimes there's not a lot of privacy for stuff, like, you know.' 'Gotta find a place for that,' I joked back. 'Have you ever done any mutual jacking?' he wondered. 'You mean with guys? Nah.' I answered. 'Do you?'

At that moment, my life was about to change. 'All the time, bro. It's always better with someone else in the room,' he explained, keeping it light. 'Heck, I'm always up for it,' he said, giving his groin a grab. 'The soccer workouts keep my blood pumping.' 'Well, I don't have any problems with it, for sure,' I mumbled, not really knowing what to say at this point.

'You wanna give it a try now,' he asked? Are you freakin' kidding me, I thought? My dick had been hard since the subject first came up. 'Here? Now?,' I said. 'Sure, nobody comes up here,' he replied as he got up and locked the door. Then he lifted his shirt off, his chest showed the effects of weight training. 'Come on,' he encouraged. I stood up, kicked off my shoes and socks and took off my shirt. He slid his shorts off and had only a jock-strap on, which framed the most perfect set of cheeks I'd ever laid eyes on. I took off my jeans, with a boner poking its head out the top. 'Nice,' he smiled, and walked toward me. I let him take the lead, not wanting to make a mistake.

Zach pulled the front of my briefs away from my penis, and slid them down, bending over and taking a deep breath around my midsection. 'Mmmmmm, that scent makes the blood rush to my head,' he said. Then he took hold of my erection and gave it a few pumps, watching my reaction. He stood up and pushed his jock off, then moved closer and took both of our cocks in his hand, rubbing them together. The sensation made me whimper, it felt so good. 'You like?' he asked, knowing the answer. I was too overcome to speak.

'Let's lay down,' he suggested. And as soon as we did, he rubbed my chest and nipple and leaned in for a kiss. I think my dick grew another inch at that point. I reached over and ran my hand along his curvaceous butt, and he put his hand on my face and neck for a deep, passionate kiss. As we neared our climax, both of us reached for our dicks and stroked, occasionally brushing the heads together. Zach slowed down then gasped, and sprayed four streams of cum on my belly, sending me over the edge, and coating his dick and hand.

'There's a towel under the bed,' he said, and I reached under, grabbed it and wiped us off. 'Yeah, that's better than doing it alone,' I said, laughing nervously. 'And if you move in, you can find as many jack buddies as you can handle, believe me,' he replied. 'My soccer buds are 'animals,'' he laughed.

After that, we dressed and went downstairs for some wings. He introduced me around, and I pledged the fraternity on the basis of that hot encounter alone. Zach was right, by the way; there are an awful lot of guys here to jack off with, even circle-jerk. A few of them also kiss, and those are always the hottest sessions.



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