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Please Remember To Knock

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I've been wanting to contribute another story for some time now. Even though this isn't the kind of story or experience I had in mind, I realized this is a perfect example of how real life can intrude when you least expect it.


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It's the morning of Sunday February 5, 2006, a few minutes after 11:00 AM. I woke up, very reluctantly, 20 to 30 minutes ago. As well as needing to urinate rather urgently, the sunlight coming through my blinds was bright enough to disturb me in my sleep. I really didn't want to get up though. I knew it would probably be for the long haul if I did. Despite having read stories on my computer for several hours yesterday without coming, I failed to have any satisfyingly sexual dreams, and I was still hopeful of doing so.

But nature's call couldn't be ignored, and I was forced to get up.

I left my bedroom and went to the bathroom. After I finished my business, I wandered across the house to check the status of the heater. Satisfied with my findings, I left it turned off. I noticed in passing that my mom's bedroom door was closed. I went back into my own room where I discovered the reason why so much light was shining into the room. The day before I had left the blinds raised several inches at the bottom to allow my cat easy access to the windowsill. Fortunately, because of the way my headboard covers most of the lower portion of my window, not to mention the tree outside the window, no one could have seen me parading around nearly naked.

Briefly, the majority of the time I sleep in my underwear. I wear regular, white cotton briefs. I'm not much to look at though. I'm hairy, pale and overweight. Sorry about that. Such is real life.

Anyway, I sat down at my desk and made a couple of phone calls to check my bank balance and credit card balance. Then I started reading some more stories on my computer. My thought was that reading might serve to stimulate me further, and sitting in front of a fan in my underwear might cool me off enough to send me back to bed, thereby giving me the opportunity to drift off into some gratifyingly erotic dreams.

Well, I hadn't read more than a couple of stories when I started getting hard. Even though I wasn't looking to get off, I had noticed the head of my dick was slightly sore, and I thought that stroking with some lotion might be just the thing to sooth the irritation and heighten my arousal, and hopefully I wouldn't have an accident.

So I pulled down the front of my underwear and took myself in hand. Nice, though not spectacular. Probably average or slightly less than average length. My ex-girlfriend said it was thick. Regardless of its dimensions, it is sufficient to my solo needs.

Then I turned and retrieved my new bottle of lotion from the nightstand and placed it on the desk in easy reach. Before I could squirt some into my right hand, however, I heard my bedroom door opening. No knock first! I hunched forward at my desk immediately as my mom stuck her head in my room. She said she thought I was still asleep until she heard my computer talking. Well, if she heard it, and knew by the sound that I was indeed awake, why didn't she knock?

Well, after a couple of very uncomfortable minutes of unimportant conversation, during which I think I managed to successfully conceal the fact that my cock was erect and hanging out of my underwear, my mom left, shutting the door behind her. I was thankful she hadn't asked me to stand up for any reason. I had no idea what I could have said, other than refusing outright. There was No Way for me to discretely tuck my business out of sight. Sh*t, I hated that! And the whole time there was the lotion sitting in plain sight on the desk. I'm sure she could have seen it. What did she think about it? Or did she even notice it?

Anyway, she left, and I was still hard, barely. I thought about carrying on where I left off, but I had no way of knowing if or when she might pop back in unannounced. I didn't even know she was awake. When I saw her door closed earlier, I assumed she was still asleep...

Nuts! She interrupted me again. This time she rang the bell she uses to get my attention from across the house. When I went to see what she wanted, she said she was fixing sandwiches. I wasn't even hungry! She asked if I was going to get my tape player so we could continue listening to our Graphic Audio Deathlands audiobook, and I told her I was thinking about taking my sandwich back to my room because I was doing something. She said she was busy too...not the same!

Well, I've eaten now and returned to finish writing this contribution. Mom has started cleaning the garage and told me she's putting sacks of trash near the door into the house for me to carry out to the dumpster. I suspect she'll have more for me to do besides. Things sure haven't been going my way this morning. Well, I did get to sleep in, but everything else has been subverted. I sincerely hope your solo erotic pursuits were more successful than mine have been so far.

Happy jacking and jilling!



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