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Playing with him

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When I was 14 years old, my brothers friend was 15 and my brother was 16. My brother, Charlie, looked young for his age. People would sometimes ask if he was my little brother, which would make him mad. He had short brown hair and was a little chubby. My brothers friend, Liam, was tall with an average build. I had a crush on him when I was younger, but now I find his face unattractive.


On a very hot day in Arizona, my brother had Liam over and they where in his room. My brother was shirtless and wearing basketball shorts and Liam was wearing boxers and a tank top. I always joked with them that they would make a cute gay couple. "Mom wants us to come down for dinner!" I told them. My brother was upset I came in without asking, but followed me down the stairs. My family was always very liberal when it came to clothing, or lack of it. It wasn't uncommon for us to see each other naked, especially on a hot day like this. My dad was outside grilling burgers on the deck, and he brought them in After we ate my brother told me to come in to his room with him and Liam.

"Vic, me and Liam where wondering..." he paused for a moment "who has a better dick." I was kind of taken back by this request, but I agreed, since I had never seen them nude up close. First Charlie pulled down his shorts. He was honestly pretty small, about 2 inches soft, but it was very nice looking. He had a small mount of light brown hair at the top, but was otherwise hairless. His balls where large compared to his dick and hung loosely. Next was Liam's turn. He was already hard and about 5 and a half inches. unlike my brother he was uncircumcised and had a decent amount of pubic hair. "Charlie, defiantly." I said. To be honest I wasn't really sure which, but my brother had self esteem issues due to his small size and I wanted to boost his confidence. "I knew it, you know what happens now Liam" Charlie said enthusiastically. Liam groaned and got on his knees. He slowly put Charlie's dick in his mouth. I could feel my pussy getting wet just watching them. The look on my brothers face was priceless, he was grinning ear to ear. After 30 seconds, Liam stopped and stood back up. "Wow, that was nice." Charlie said. "You know, I'm just hard and I don't get any action, and it would be nice if I could get some of that" Liam said, looking at me smiling. I agreed, but I would only masturbate him. I took off my pants and underwear and let them see my pussy. I always had thought my pussy had nice lips, and by their faces I could tell they agreed.

We sat down on Charlie's bed with me in the middle and I started handling them both. My brother laid on his back, closed his eyes and enjoyed it while Liam started to finger me. He was very good, working both my clit and the walls of my pussy. After just a minute my brother started to cum. His balls bounced with every thrust. He shot on his belly, then put it on my fingers and joked that I should lick it off, wiggling his now soft dick in my face. I told him he didn't just look immature, but acted like it to, which silenced him. Now I had more energy to concentrate on Liam, who was now nearing orgasm. He was gently thrusting his hips to my strokes. His breathing got heavy and I said "Let it out..." and with that he shot his load, landing about 2 feet in front of him. I was impressed and held his dick as it deflated. Since they had both had their orgasms, Charlie and Liam both began to explore my pussy, and I told them how I liked to be touched. I had Charlie working my clit while Liam fingered me with his long fingers. I let out a sigh and came really hard. Both of their hand where wet when they finished.

Unfortunately, we never did anything like that again due to the fact that Charlie came out as gay to Liam and I just a week afterward, but I did always hear moaning from the other room whenever Liam would sleep over.



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