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I teach at a small elementary school. My class shares recess with another teacher's classroom which happens to be a good friend of mine. It was a nice warm September day. Debbie and I were sitting on a balance beam. We just happened to be in a straddled position. In the middle of a sentence, Deb just happened to say 'This beam feels like a big cock.' I was surprised she said something like that. Not really surprised because we've had sexually graphic discussions in the past.

I then said 'I could use a big one right now.' She got off the beam, grabbed my hand and said 'Let's go teeter-totter.' I went along with her to the see-saw. So here are two grown women on a see-saw. Deb asks 'Does this cure your itch?' I smiled and said 'You are so slick.' She gave me an evil smile and whispered 'Not as slick as the wet spot I have.' We both giggled. I was getting that same tingle. The faster we went the more aroused I became. Deb felt the same. I could see her nipples poking through her blouse. I knew my 'high beams' were flashing. Deb's face became a little bit flush. She moaned out an 'Oooooh!' I asked 'Are you okay?' She whispered 'Faster'. So up and down faster we went.

I was building up as well. Both of us became caught up in the moment. Deb yelled 'Faster!', as if she were getting fucked. I was getting warm and fuzzy. Deb had that priceless look on her face. We breathed hard. Maybe from exhaustion, maybe from pleasure. I felt myself on the edge. I stopped the see-saw, clamped my legs tight together and held my head down hiding my face. I clenched my teeth and attempted to hold back a squeal. I didn't want thirty-two second grade students to hear or see me orgasm. I could hear Deb panting 'Oh God. Oh God.'

I quickly regained my composure (the best I could). I then blew my whistle and yelled for the kids to gather. As we lined up the kids to go back to our classrooms, Deb leaned over to me and whispered 'That was fuckin' amazing' I said 'Most surely and more than I could handle.' The remaining three hours were spent daydreaming about my mid-morning on the job orgasm.

At the end of the day I was summoned to the principal's office. Mr Derrikson is a 58-year-old stiff collared kind of guy. He had Deb and I standing tall in his office. He made it clear that the playground is not for the pleasure of the staff. He said that he had watched us 'goofing around'. After an apology and promise it wouldn't happen again, Deb and I exited the office. When we got to the parking lot we laughed like two little girls who just snuck out of the house on a Saturday night. We talked about the verbal warning we had received and concluded that he watched and probably jacked off. I'm sure he had a jolly 'ol time watching two young blondes getting off on a see-saw. Since then Deb and I have straddled the balance beam and applied pressure to our clits that way. It's less obvious and the feeling is almost the same. To heighten the mood we share dirty true stories as we press our crotches against the smooth hard wood.



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