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I love this site, I enjoy it much and wish there was more of these sites around. I am not gay.


My first time with other guys was when I was 12, at a national competition in Los Angeles, California. I remember we were staying at a hotel and there were about four persons per room. We started to talk about the usual, then somehow the topic turned to masterbation and girls. The air was really tense; I was getting a boner and was trying to see if anybody else reacted the same way. That was until one of my friends said, 'Well it's not to be gay or anything, but it's just curiosity, you know, for everybody to show their cock to compare size, hair and all.'

Everybody was anxious about doing this, but did not want to mention it, so said yes. We counted 'One two three' and everybody pulled their pants down, but not their underwear. I could see some boners around but mine was straight up and was the most noticeable. Everybody was looking around but stopped at mine amazed, saying 'wow' and comments by the way. Everybody chose me to pull down my underwear first, so I did. I just saw everyone stare at my dick with mouth wide open. It was my first time another guy saw me naked. I had little hair by then, but my dick was a good six and a half inches long and had regular balls.

Everybody started doing the same, but I then saw why everybody was amazed to see mine. Some were three inches, others four, maybe five, but none were close to mine. Since that time, they have called me Pinocchio for my big 'nose'. At that moment another guy entered the room abruptly, for we hadn't locked the door. He said, 'Well I see you are doing the same thing, may I join?' We said sure and asked why he said the same thing. He said that in his room, his other two roommates were doing the same thing. He said, 'Wait let me call them.' They are both eighth graders, but we were all sixth graders and they were really buff.

Those guys came in, saw what we were doing and said that we were not enough competition for them, as they pulled their cocks out to reveal really big hairy ones, at least eight inches long. Everybody just stared and was amazed. They saw mine and said not to worry, that dicks like mine would probably grow up to be to that size. They asked us if we jacked off and we all answered yes. By now everybody had his hard dick out and was stoking gently, or grabbing his balls. One of the eighth graders said he was getting really horny and said that he was going to play with me. He told me to just relax and that they had both tried this many times with themselves, so we took off our clothes as everyone watched.

He told me to go behind him, put my cock between his legs, to grab his dick and just start pumping. I did and it felt incredible. He must have enjoyed it too, for he was moaning, twitching and pumping back with his thigh at my hand. The most exiting part of it was me being in contact with his soft, muscular, mature body. It was exiting touching his huge dick and with the other hand to reach around to cup his balls. He came with a tremendous moan and some eight strong pumps of cum.



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