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This just happened Yesterday


Well you read one about my past, now one of the present, and this story will be a little long.

I work for a transportation company. Basically we take people from the airport to their hotels and vice versa. We use several different types of vehicles to do this, this day I was in a stretch van. I was between runs at the time and was parked down at a ritzy shopping area under the shade of some trees. I was bored with over an hour to wait so I thought I would Jerk off seeing as no cars were close and the windows are tinted anyway.

Just as I was getting ready to get started, there comes this new little BMW sports car racing up and parks in the area just in front of me. Now I'm a little upset because this person is parked in front and the windshield isn't tinted. So I sit hoping this person will leave in short order. My mind was suddenly changed when a really good looking woman got out of the car. She wasn't a 10 but she was well stacked, long black hair, big breasts, nice ass wearing sunglasses a white tank top and these tight black shorts.

When she got out I notice she has a camera, and she starts taking pictures of her car from different angles. I thought this a bit strange but really didn't mind, though I had my pants closed I was rubbing myself a bit watching this really beautiful woman move around. After she took four pictures she stopped and starts looking around. She looked over at my van and spotted me (no she couldn't see what I was doing and trust me I stopped right away). When she saw me she starts walking over. At this point I'm glad I'm just slightly hard. I roll down my window and she steps up. I notice right away the nice view of cleavage I have from my vantage point. She smiles and askes me if I could take a few pictures of her with her car. I agreed, (like I would say no). So she starts posing with the car and I'm taking pictures. After a few pictures she tells me to wait a moment and starts pulling off her clothes, under them she had on this nice two piece bikini, nothing really skimpy but extremely sexy. She starts posing again and now her poses are more provocative, and now I'm in trouble. I feel myself getting hard, and no way to hide it. My work pants are fairly tight and I have a big dick.

I still keep snapping though, I would be a fool to stop, besides, I learned confidence is the key to increased sexual encounters. I finish off the roll of film and she starts walking over, I can't tell if she sees me or not due to the sunglasses. She just walks right up to me and I hand her the camera. She smiles again and this time looks right down saying, 'Well, I see I'm not the only one who enjoyed taking those pictures'. I was slightly embarassed but I made no move to hide anything. I just told her I was sorry if I offended her but I couldn't help it, seeing her in the bikini, especially her big breasts. (Yes I was that honest). She smiled and even blushed a bit.

Looking back up to me she said she would like to give me a little something for helping her. She said it so smoothly I didn't catch on. I told her no need, but she insisted by saying, 'Oh yes there is definatly a need', (I was still blind to what she meant seriously). Putting her camera away she turns back to me and starts pulling me over to my van and opens the back door and gets into the first back seat pulling me behind her.

She tells me to sit right in the middle of the seat, while she kneels down between the two front seats. Now I finally catch on. I sit and place my legs wide, she kneels down facing me and wastes no time. She reached forward and started rubbing me through my pants for about two minutes, before she unzips me and pulls my cock out. When she does she smiles and looks up at me saying,'Very nice'. Without another word she takes hold of my cock with both hands and starts pumping me hard, twisting her hands in opposite directions while pumping up and down really fast. I have ZERO clue how long this went on, but even if it lasted an hour it wouldn't have been long enough.

As I started getting close to cumming she stopped, but only long enough to pull the strings of her top down exposing her big titties. They were almost milk white, with bright pink nipples that really stood out. She took hold of me again and started pumping really hard! It wasn't long before I blew my load. I shot some nice long and thick ropes of cum all over both her tits. She kept pumping me until I was completely drained. I just sat there in a daze while she started cleaning up my cum. She cleaned my cock head off the old fashioned way. When she was done she just put her top back up leaving what cum she couldn't reach on her. Stood up as much as she could in the van and gave me this long deep kiss. Then she just opened the door and left, not looking back once, got into her car and off she went. Never once did she take off her sunglasses, nor will I ever forget this experience!



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