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Photoshoot With Wife, Part I

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Photoshoot With Wife, Part I

My wife and I have a richly varied sex life and make a point of being honest and frank with one another frequently. We have found that talking about things often is an excellent way to keep things fresh, interesting, and exciting.

We both enjoy solo masturbation - that is, when alone, and often discuss this when we are in bed together. (As you may imagine, these discussions often evolve into more than just talk!)

I do enjoy stroking myself to orgasm while looking at pictures, a habit that most of us probably have had since adolescence. In particular, pictures of women clad in lingerie, or in the act of undressing, striking provocative poses and looking the camera 'in the eye', so to speak. It occurred to me that I'd like to have some new photos of my wife in such poses, for my own private gratification.

One Sunday morning we were lingering in bed and I suggested this idea to her. 'Sure!' was her response. 'You know I like posing for you, knowing that later sometime you will probably be jerking off to my photo. Want to take some this morning?'

I nodded, grinning at her. She said,'Well, there's a price - you have to let me take some of you too, dearie. It's only fair!'

Well, she'd never taken any of me before - sometimes we had taken some of us together, but I had never posed solo for her. However, I didn't see anything wrong with the idea, so I said 'Sure Honey, whatever you want.'

Everyone knows what a great breakthrough the digital camera has been to the amateur pornographer. I got mine out, with a tripod, and set it up facing toward the bed. She, meanwhile, had made up the bed with a light shiny blue satin sheet over it, perfect for scantily clad photos. She reached into her lingerie drawer and pulled out a few items, and put some of them on. First there was a pair of white full-cut silk panties, then a matching bra and garter belt, then a pair of charcoal colored stockings, which she pulled on and fastened to the garter. I handed her a pair of high heels from her closet, which nicely finished off 'the look' we were after.

She climbed onto the bed and got in the classic sitting-back-on-her-knees pose, and moved slowly around in different poses as I began snapping the shutter. This is always fun! She'd stretch out one leg and slide her hands up the stocking, then shift and have to other leg outstretched, then lie back with her legs in the air showing her cute buns in the panties, you get the idea. I was snapping away and having a good time.

I should mention that before we started, I had pulled on a pair of boxers, and as I contimued to shoot pictures, I began to get aroused and my erection became kind of obvious as it poked straight out in front of me in the shorts.

'Dear - aren't you uncomfortable in those shorts? Why do't you just take them off - you know I love to look at your hard cock!' I did as she asked, and went back to taking pictures. Meanwhile, she pulled a babydoll nightie on over her other lingerie and experimented with various poses in it.

Well, the sight of her in the bra and panties, only partially concealed by the nightie, made me get even harder and more aroused, which she picked right up on.

'Why don't you come over here for a minute, and let me just fondle your cock and balls a little bit!' Well, she didn't have to ask me twice! - but first, I set the camera on video mode and started it running.

I sat next to her on the bed and she reached over and took my stiff, erect penis in both her hands and slid them slowly up and down its full length. I was practically squirming now, it felt so good, and I abandoned myself and any thoughts to the powerful feeling of ecstasy the was welling up in my belly, legs, all over me.

She continued to stroke me, slowing down whenever she thought I might be getting near cumming, and it kept feeling better and better to me. Then she sat back and said 'Dear, you just take over for a minute, but don't make yourself cum, ok?'

I circled the head of my cock with thumb and first finger, and slowly slid my hand up and down. Meanwhile, she slid the babydoll nightie off over her head, and, holding it by the neck, slid it back and forth across the head of my cock while I slowly stroked. The feel of the silky material was driving me wild with passion at that point, and she said 'Hey hey hey, slow down a little, I don't want you to cum yet!' She pulled her panties down to her knees and started fingering herself while I stroked. Then, she pulled the panties all the way off and knelt in front of me again, still fingering herself with one hand. She wrapped the white silk panties around the head of my cock and began stroking me slowy with them as she brought herself closer and closer to orgasm. I was nearly there too, and our eyes sought each other's out-holding the gaze steadily, to really enjoy this erotic moment.

I couldn't hold back any more, and started cumming in powerful throbbing spurts, just as she moaned and then cried out in pleasure. My semen landed all over her belly as she humped my knee and thigh, both of us enjoying the sweet sensation of orgasm subsiding.

After we both caught our breath, I remembered that I'd left the camera on, shooting video, so I got up and shut if off. 'This video might be fun to look at later', I remarked. Then she reminded me that I'd agreed to pose for her ... we both thought we should rest a little while, maybe go have some lunch - and see what further fun we might have ...

Stay tuned for Part II ...



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