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Philip and Me

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We were in the same Church Choir together and went to the same school too.


Both of us hated PE mainly because of the sadistic PE teacher who delighted in finding your weaknesses and playing to them.

So, one evening after choir practice, we were getting out of our cassocks and were the only two left in the choir vestry. I guess we were 13 at the time and our voices had begun to change.

I remember that Philip and I bumped into each other as we tried to reach into the cupboard to hang our cassocks up at the same time, Philip in front of me and me behind. He said 'Don't shag me, will you?' (We all of us used to talk about sex at every opportunity.) I grabbed him around the waist and started to push against him, purely joking around, I said 'Hell yeah.. I'm gonna fuck you till you cum' Usually, that would have been it, but I felt him kinda relax against me and I reached around him to his cock. I could feel it was already hard through his trousers and I rubbed it while dry humping him gently. Then, he looked around over his shoulder and kissed me! I responded and at the same time, I fumbled around for his zip and undid it. After a little more groping about, I had his cock out and was wanking him. I must have got it right because he said 'Ohhh don't stop.' So I didnt. He began to breathe really heavily and then he tensed up and I felt his cock twitch. Looking over his shoulder, I saw another boy cum for the first time. He spurted quite a lot too.

Then, with his cock still wet and hard, he turned to face me. He kissed me again and reached for my cock. I let him unzip me and it felt so good when he wrapped his fingers around my hardon.

He wanked me for a moment and then he fumbled around with his own trousers and dropped them and his pants to the floor. He went back to wanking me, but I knew I wouldn't last long and said 'I'm gonna cum Philip.' I could feel his semi against my ballsack but when he said 'Cum on me.' that did it and I spurted. It went into his pubes and over his cock. In those days, I had only just started to cum properly and there wasn't a lot, but DAMN, it felt good! Philip pulled his pants and trousers up still covered in me.

After that, we fooled around a lot either in his bedroom, or out in fields. We both learned to do a whole lot more than wank each other. In the fullness of time, we both turned our attention to girls, and my time with Philip was the only homosexual experience of my life. It was lovely, innocent and really just two young boys experimenting with each other.

We never 'fucked' each other but I remember that I really liked him to stand over me and wank on me. Feeling his cum splatter all over me was really erotic.



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