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Personal Masturbation History II

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This continues my masturbation history from my first orgasm at age 9.

Personal Masturbation History


The first section ended with my first dry orgasm from masturbating at the age of 9. After I got into the delightful practice of orgasming, I gradually increased the frequency, going from 3 or 4 times a week to 3 or 4 times a day after I began to ejaculate at about age 12. This happened one day when I was home reading, and absentmindedly stroking my peter through my pocket with a hole in it made for the purpose of peter pleasure when I felt a new sensation. I went into the bathroom, pulled my clothes down and inspected my peter to see if there was any thing happening that I hadn't seen before. My, by now 5 incher, didn't look too much different, but I noticed a clear drop of liquid in the meatus which I had never seen before. I touched it, and when I drew my finger away a long thin line of the liquid came away with my finger. I sat down on the toilet, wrapped my fist around my peter, and jacked away in the now orthodox manner. After another 5 minutes of jacking, I began to feel my abdominal muscles begin to contract, then my testes retracted so that they were on each side of my peter shaft rather than under it. As I continued jacking, the shaft became dark red, the head turned purple, and swelled till it looked like a large mushroom. My breath came in gasps, my back arched, my peter felt so good that I felt like I couldn't keep going yet I couldn't stop. Suddenly, my peter had a life of its own beyond my control. The sensation was so great I felt hollowed out. Then the meatus opened, my peter spasmed and 2 or 3 drops of thick white come tumbled out. The spasms seemed to go on forever, but now nothing was being produced and my peter had its usual orgasm look of a red gasping fish out of water. After a minute or so I returned to the world of the living, but my peter was so sensitive that I could not touch it.
I was now in a new universe which required that I reproduce his event as often as I could. I jacked so much that my peter shaft was raw. So I had to stop until I recovered. I went to my older cousin for advice. He said rest for a week, and afterward lube my peter with vaseline before I jacked.Heeding this I began using vaseline, but at five times the usual rate. I noticed that my mother began buying vaseline in what they called tubs, she must have realized that I was a confirmed peter beater, but she said nothing. Some one removed my come sock from under the bed, and put a box of kleenex on the nightstand.
I complained to a friend that I was having trouble getting in all the required peter pleasure with parents, brothers, and sisters around. He sympathized, and told me to come over to his house after school, and we could jack all that was needed because his mother wouldn't be home, and he was an only child. I gratefully accepted, got permission from my mother to 'study' with my friend, and we began a mutual jacking relationship that lasted with a few interruptions for 6 years. When I went to his house for our first session he answered the door in a bath robe, and was nude under it. We went up to his room, he removed his robe and I my clothes. When he saw my peter at full attention, he was surprised, and asked how I got it hard before I touched it? I told him I always visualized a girl's red behind from spanking, and my peter when it first orgasmed and first shot. That seemed to satisfy him for the moment, so I sat down on his bed and he in a chair opposite, and we began our first mutual jack off. I'll continue this later.



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