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Penis Replica

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I have made previous contributions (Jan 2003, Frozen Semen, and again later in 2003), and I would like to express my joy and pleasure I derive from this wonderful site. It has given and still gives me hours of pleasure.
Years ago, well before the internet was born, I read about a girl who made plaster casts of pop idol's penises. This intrigued me endlessly and I duly started making my own casts, from plaster of paris. It involves mixing the plaster to the exact consistency, to form a thick paste, though not to thick, in a container which will accommodate your penis (I found that a plastic bottle is the easiest to use as the neck can easily be cut away to the required shape) . Then you must have your cock fully erect, which is inserted into the liquid, and kept there until the plaster has set completely. Normally, the setting process gives off quite a bit of heat, which I find very erotic, and sometimes I have to squeeze the base of my cock to maintain the erection. It takes quite a bit of patience and often needs a repeat effort to get it right, and remember, the more water in the plaster paste, the longer it takes to set. Also it is quite messy, so be prepared for it and make sure that noone will surprise you in the process. Once the plaster has set, I pull out my penis, which by now is rock hard, and it takes a bit of manouvering. Now I let the plaster mould dry for some time to strengthen, before I attempt to make a copy of my hard cock.
When I first made a copy, I lined the inside of the mould with a little vaseline before pouring plaster of paris into the mould. Once set, I broke the mould carefully with a chissle or screw driver which often ended in breaking the replica or damaging it, and that after the hard work put into making the mould.
A few years ago I came across a site hosted by the very women I had read about (the plaster caster), displaying her collection of famous penis casts. The name of the site has been lost with time, but I found it by searching the net for 'plaster caster'. Having also seen an ad in a glossy magazine for a rubber cast of porn queen Chasey Lane, and how it was made, put me on to the idea of rather using rubber instead of plaster for the replica. I found a business who dealt in rubber products and bought a quantity of pure solid rubber. Now the process of learning started.
Firstly, the rubber has to be cut into very small pieces and put in a container which can be used on a hot plate or in the microwave. One has to be very careful not to get it too hot or the rubber will be scorched and burnt. Small quantities must be put in at a time until enough is melted to pour into the mould. If the rubber is too hot, it will form bubbles or even scorch inside the mould, and then you may lose the mould. So if you plan to try this, be prepared to repeat the process many times until you succeed.
White rubber will turn to beige, and I also added a bit of red rubber to make it more flesh coloured. Let the rubber cool and set before attempting to remove it from the mould, which in itself is also a tricky process. After a number of flops, I succeeded in making some very good rubber replicas of my hard cock. I finished it off by heating up a knife on a gas plate, to seal off the little holes left by bubbles, or any other unwanted marks. The effort was erotic, and seeing all the veins, the head, the hole, and the shaft, cast in rubber, gave me enough reason to have a number of good wanks.
I fantasised about the women who would enjoy to have a such a toy, and made plans to get to a stretch of beach where I got myself into a fishing spot, and waited until I saw 2 people walking towards me. One I identified as female, and while they were a distance away, I took my fishing rod to cast the line into the water and made sure I walked to the opposite side from their approach and a good distance from my 'spot'. There I dropped the rubber penis at the water's edge and retreated to my spot from where I could observe their reaction.
As they got closer, I realized it was a middle aged couple. I avoided looking in their direction as they passed me, and then watched from behing my sunglasses as they approached my replica. They stopped and looked down as my heart was racing. The man turned around and I looked away, and when I looked back, they were walking on and my replica was gone ! I got an erection immediately, thinking about this couple who probably could not wait to get home and try their new toy.
Later on I wanked to an excellent orgasm, shooting loads of cum as I thought of the man fucking his woman with my prick, and also thought of her masturbating herself with my rubber penis. Some time later on I got up enough courage to give a replica to two consecutive ladies I dated, and they loved my copy rubber penis. One recently SMS'd me to tell me how she was fucking herself with my rubber dick.
Last night I told my current girlfriend about my rubber penis, and after she insisted I tell her all about it and show it to her, she was was very wet when I touched her pussy. She wanted me to use it on her, and after initially slowly rubbing the head over her wet lips and clit for some time, I inserted the penis slowly into her cunt.
She was playing with my cock and I could feel her responding, and while I was rubbing her clit between my thumb and forefinger, I bent down and licked her clit while I slowly fucked her with my replica. In no time she reached a huge orgasm, and immediately had another huge orgasm. By now I was so ready, that I took out the rubber toy, and fucked her to mind blowing orgasm for me and her.
This morning I took out the rubber penis and saw her dried juices on it and had a very satisfying orgasm stroking my cock while thinking of my rubber copy giving her so much pleasure.
I hope some of you will try to make a rubber copy of your dicks, and give some feedback on what your experiences were.
Ladies, some feedback would be welcome, and keep those contributions flowing, especially from you.



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