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Patience Rewarded

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Thanks for affording me the pleasure


I hope not to wear out my welcome by so proudly reporting my few encounters. My opportunities are somewhat limited at present, so I feel a special thrill whenever I meet a man who wants to share and takes advantage of whatever fleeting moments present themselves.

Most of my live contacts occur at my gym in the six-place shower room. It's usually a busy place, and I always get a few glimpses of attractive dicks that I'd love to handle. On limited occasions, a short slow period presents itself, as was the case yesterday afternoon. When I entered the showers, another man whom I admire was busily lathering his trim, thin body and tempting cock. He looked up and smiled as I took the shower nearest him, back in the corner. We occasionally exchange a few innocent words on the floor or in the locker room, but nothing tantalizing. I let my fantasies flow as we each took surreptitious looks and probably had a few parallel thoughts.

But then, as usually happens, another man entered and took the shower next to me. He looked somewhat familiar, but then a lot of guys do. He is tall, slender, has sandy hair and a grizzled goatee flecked with gray-could pass for fifty good years, give or take. When he first arrived, his cock and balls were still snugged up in his crotch where left while in a jockstrap's captivity.

I kept busy enjoying the first guy I'd been fantasizing about. He prolonged his lathering and rinsing, tantalizingly stroking various erogenous parts of his anatomy and making my libido surge. I thought that perhaps his slow and deliberate movements would result in our being left alone for long enough to make our moves.

Just to avoid any unsatisfied opportunities, I continued to take furtive looks at my other attraction. I became more sure that he and I had done a couple of previous quickies. He expressed a sort of insouciance with his abloutions that reminded me of our first contact, maybe two years or more earlier. Our locations were just reversed on that occasion, and I had been quite direct in my visual study of a guy I'd not seen before. I envy the tall, slender guys whose treasures swing gracefully and tantalizingly. This guy seemed to deliberately flip his hips or swing his pelvis to set his assemblage in provocative motion. I thought then how nice for him to enjoy the possession of an enviable attraction and seemingly feel so unrestrained in its enjoyment. He generously lathered up his entire naked body, giving his crotch and asscrack special attention. At the time, we were the only ones in the shower room, and I felt free to make my interest appreciative and obvious. He smiled as he took his semi-hard rod in hand and stroked it sensuously as he thrust his pelvis forward into his fist, seizing eye contct and gesturing toward me. I had begun stroking myself and said quietly, 'Go for it!' Instead of going solo, he stepped toward me insinuatingly. I reached out to grasp his now tumescent cock-fully seven inches to the tip of an overly-large glans-at least half again as big around as the thick stem. I especially admire circumcized cocks with prominent heads, just the opposite of my own. Its bulk felt so good in my hand, and he grasped my throbbing rod as we moved closer and added some body English to increase the electric jolts flying inside our bodies.

As I reminisced about this earlier episode, the first guy I'd been ogling finally gave up, rinsed off and left the room. I nodded to my alternate, and he pumped even more liquid soap on his already thickly lathered cock as I stroked myself and motioned him to step over my way out of direct sight of the sauna room door. He readily made his move, taking my dick and balls in a tender grasp as I clamped onto his gorgeous cock. Uuummmm how firm and full it felt. I looked into his eyes as we both smiled and worked at sending great surges of warm excitement through our bodies. I marveled at the vibration I felt coming through his cock as he crouched slightly and began thrusting into my strokes. I reached under his balls and rubbed his sphincter. He gave me a couple of encouraging thrusts, and I slid a finger inside him as I tightened my grasp on his probe. Wow! what a rush to have his rock-hard stem pump into my paw. His touch was soooooooo stimulating that I wondered how much longer we could go at this intensity. His reply was a pronounced heaving of his body into my hand and an eruption of a thick white gusher, which he continued to thrust at me even after it ceased pouring out. My own climax came with a rush. Every nerve in my body vibrated with the completion of a brief but very rewarding sharing of men's greatest thrill-a satisfying completion of sexual stimulation.

Fortune smiled on us, as another guy entered the shower room as we were rinsing off. My partner left for the sauna, unoccupied at the time, and I resolved to follow him. Perhaps there was another chapter to be written today. But, alas, the new guy on the scene only stayed long enough to wet down and then enter the sauna. Rats! Opportunity delayed. I took a long time to finish in the shower and then dawdled in the locker room, watching for the second guy to leave. No such luck. Since I had another appointment, I couldn't wait longer. It seemed obvious that my buddy was also waiting for a suitable opportunity. I slowly dried and dressed, and just as I had finished dressing-too far along to reverse the process unobtrusively-the other guy left the sauna. My prospect came out then and looked around as though looking for someone (me, I'd hoped) and looked disappointed at my being fully dressed. How I'd loved to tear off my clothes and resume our playtime, but too late now. Oh well, all the sweeter are these seldom-occurring scenes of pleasure as joys yet to come. I'm so gratified as I learn how many men are out there just looking for some surreptitious pleasure. It keeps me going.



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