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Paperboy Bud

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I delivered newspapers on my bicycle seven days a week rain or shine in the Houston area back in the early 60's. I was around 13 or 14 when this happened to me with a guy named Carl on a Saturday night before delivering papers early on Sunday morning. I was at Carls house and his parents were out for the night.

Carl was a year older than me; but, I was larger than him. He was kind of a runt of kid. A lot of the other guys made fun of him because of his shortness and due to the fact that he often slurred his words when he spoke.

So, he and I, were alone at his house and in his bedroom. We were gettting ready to catch some sleep before getting up early to do the papers.

As I pulled off my bluejeans, as Carl was doing, he said I'll show you mine if you show me yours. I did't know exactly what he meant as he pulled of his under pants. Then I realized what he had meant. So I pulled off my under pants also. He had a little soft penis with no pubes, my penis was a lot bigger than his and I had a lot of pubes around it.

As he laid down on his bed he asked me to lay beside, and then he asked me to touch and fondle his penis. I didn't really know what to do so I began to fondle him, as he thanked me for doing so. I could feel his erection building in my hand and I could also feel mine coming into its own. Soon we were both fully erect, his couldn't have been more than three inches and mine was about five inches. His penis wasn't as thick as mine and he asked me why that was so.

He asked me about jacking off and I said that I did it frequently. He said that he really didn't know how to do it and that he had been trying; but, that he could not ejaculate yet. He asked me to jack him off. I tried to jack him off for several minutes; but, his penis was so small that I could not get a good grip on it. Finally, I just used my index and middle finger along with my thumb to stroke him. He said that the way I was doing it felt good for him and he began to squirm and moan. This went on for another 10 minutes and he never did cum and my hand and arm were beginning to get tired. I told him I was becoming tired, going to quit trying to make him cum.

I then asked him to jack me off and he wouldn't do it. So, I began to jack myself off next to him. He sat up next to me and his mouth fell open and his eyes got wide open in amazement to how I was jacking off. Soon I was shooting ropes of my cum on my chest with some hitting my face and neck and I had strings of my cum dripping from hand. He was utterly amazed and asked me how I had done that. I just told him that's what happens when everyhing works right.

I don't know if Carl was ever able to ejaculate as after that night I didn't hang around him very much and we moved to another town about a month latter.

Carl sure did take advantage of me that night. However, I did like playing with his little dick.



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