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Panty Rub

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Great site, very erotic


When I was 21, I had this great girlfriend who I had just met and we'd being going out for about a month. Casey also had a girlfriend (non-sexual) called Kim, who she had been friends with since they were kids, and living in student accomodation. We would sometimes end up in bed together after a long night out and sleep semi-clothed until midday. No fooling around, just snuggling and sleeping in.

This particular night, both the girls decided to stay at my place, and we stripped down to knickers and a T-shirt and proceeded to crash out in bed with myself in the middle on my back and each resting their head on my chest. (They would often snuggle each other with me on one side) We sort of dozed off semi-conscious and I remember each had a thigh resting on mine which for obvious reasons gave me an instant hard on. Lying there with my heart pounding, I didn't want to wreck the relationship with my new girlfriend by trying it on on both, but decided to very gently have a quiet feel down the small of their backs and into their panty lines. I finally got up the courage and lifting their T-shirts slightly, slid each hand under their panty line to the top of their bum cracks. Neither moved, so I became a little bolder and moved slightly further down to where I was touching the start of their anus. At that moment, Casey moved and I thought 'whoops, caught out, I'm in for it now!,' but instead of waking and freaking out, she quietly sighed and pressed her mound hard against my thigh. I continued my hand movements further down her backside and to my delight felt her moistness rising from her vagina.

She didn't move much at all, and obviously turned on, thought about the same silent orgasm as I did. Knowing she was OK with this, I gently massaged her from behind while she mildly pulsated against me. She must have known I was dong it to Kim also, but obviously didn't care as long as this was not blatent. Having gone this far, I proceeded to try the same tactics with Kim, and went a little further into her panty line. The reaction here was quite different, and I nearly blew my load as she quietly reached behind herself and, putting her finger on mine, pressed my index finger onto her anus. I guess she wanted me to put my finger in her ass, so I quietly slid it in and she pressed firmly into my other thigh. Each must have known what the other was doing (sort of) but we were all so obviously horny the moment had taken over. From there, Casey and Kim each pretended to have their own somewhat private orgasm, but as Kim's hand reached over and squeezed Caseys butt cheek, I knew that we all knew something was going on that we all recognised, but were probably too embarrassed to admit. The rhythm got stronger as they quietly acknowledged each other, and me, the dumb fool still pretending to be half asleep so as not to wreck my new relationship.

The girls came almost in unison and I can still feel the softness of Casey's mound pressed against me and the stubble of Kims shaven moist pussy pressing through her panties, both their bodies tensing and relaxing, wetness on my fingers and thigh until they finally contracted at the moment of orgasm. After some time of calming down, and the girls finally falling asleep, I extracted myself from a sweaty soaked bed and pretended to go to the bathroom where I jerked my cock, I think only once, and came all over the floor in one of the most intense orgasms I have ever experienced. We're still friends, and no one has mentioned that night, I guess preferring to leave it to memory and a great time of fulfilled sexual desire.



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