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Pantiless Sleepover

Posted by: Age: 14 then, 18 now Posted on: 1 comments
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When I was 14, I would spend the night over at my best friend's house constantly, and she would often stay at mine. As always, the night would get started kind of late, so when she answered the door she was already dressed for bed. Since it is always unbearable hot here in the summer, we always wore night shirts to stay cool, so of course she had one on and was bare from the knees down. I went to the bathroom to get changed and we went down to their finished basement where we always slept. We chatted for a little while and watched a little TV when she then asked me if I wanted to see something, and I said sure.

She first ran up the stairs to shut the basement door, and when she came back down she asked if I was ready, which I again told her I was, getting excited. She said 'OK, here goes...' and then lifted up her shirt showing me that she wasn't wearing any underwear, making a loud 'wheeee' sound when she did it. We had never seen each other naked before, so I was pretty surprised when she showed herself to me. I asked her why she was naked, and she said that she had discovered the most amazing thing in the world.

About a week earlier, she saw her older sister laying on her bed completely naked and she was rubbing her hand between her legs really fast. She knew it must have felt good because her sister was breathing heavy and was moving around on her bed. She then went back to her room and tried doing the same thing, and from what she told me, it was the best thing she had ever felt. I told her that I wanted to feel it too, but she said I had to take off my undies first. I was pretty embarrassed, but she kept egging me on, saying that I had already seen her so it was only fair, and that my boobs were bigger than hers and that I should want to show them off. I agreed, and turning around I wiggled my undies down from under my shirt and stepped out of them. I then turned around and she told me to go for it. After a couple seconds, I inched my hands down, grabbed the bottom of my shirt and quickly yanked it up, showing her my pale, nude body causing her to shriek and stomp her feet, which made me laugh.

When we calmed down, she sat down on the couch and told me to sit next to her, and she then pulled her shirt back up and hung it over her small boobs. She pulled her feet up onto the cushion and told me to do everything she did. She started rubbing her fingertips on her fuzzy vagina, and I followed along as she said. After a few minutes, she asked if it felt good, which I told her that it did. She then told me to stick a finger inside me, which actually caused me to moan a little, which made her giggle. I started rubbing myself faster and moving my finger in and out, and I asked her what was happening, but she said to just keep going. About a minute later, I said that it felt like I was going to pee, but she told me to just keep doing it. Then it happened, it felt like a tickling explosion went off between my legs and I froze and moaned uncontrollably.

Coming down from it, I asked her what that was called, and while breathing heavy she said she didn't know, but asked me how it felt, which was amazing. Seconds later, she started panting, and then grunted as her legs stiffened out and she came as well. We talked about it for half the night, and she told me that since she found it out, she has done it at least twice a night. We decided to do it again, but this time we took of our shirts and laid down on the couches to get more comfy. After we came again, we covered up and fell asleep, still naked.

The next morning when we woke up, we wanted to do it again. But this time, while we were doing it, we heard the door open and someone started coming down the steps. We scrambled to put our shirts back on and did so just before her sister came around the corner. She was dressed just like us, except when she leaned over to get into the freezer, we could see that she was wearing underwear and she had on her sandals. She told us that she just got her car washed and in a few minutes she was getting in the shower, so if we needed the bathroom to go now. We asked her if she went dressed like that, and she said she did, she didn't get out of the car and no one could see her anyway, so what was the point of putting on shorts. After we heard the door shut, we both started laughing, not just because we almost got caught, but because she was probably going to do the same thing in the shower. Since her parents were at work, when we heard the water running we hurried upstairs and after a few minutes, peeked in the bathroom door. Sure enough, we could barely make out through the glass that her hand was moving back and forth between her legs. We silently shut the door so she wouldn't know we saw her, then ran back downstairs when the water shut off.

We turned on the TV and tried acting like we weren't doing anything, and a few minutes later, her sister came back down to tell us she was going to a friend's house and wouldn't be back until dinner. After we saw he car pull away, we pulled off our shirts again and ran around the house all day naked, rubbing ourselves in different places, and once even in her sister's room. We looked at some magazines, painted our toes, did each others' hair and all that other sleepover stuff before we had to get dressed when her parents were about to get home.

After that day, we masturbated together all the time, especially during our sleepovers. It was harder to do at my house since my parents were just down the hall, but we made it work. We still do it now every now and then, except now we call it 'masturbating' and 'cumming'. If you haven't done it with a friend before, you should. It's fun!



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