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Oversized Clitoris

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At first I was embarrassed by my oversized clitoris.


As I reached puberty my little girl vagina began to change dramatically. I had always had a large and protruding little point at the top of my lips and I had noticed how sensitive it was. One evening during my bath my curious touches led to a major event: contractions, trembling, gasping and light headedness. I thought that I had suffered a seizure. When I asked a girlfriend she told me that it was an orgasm and not to worry about it and then she told me that when she masturbated she did it by placing one or more fingers inside her vagina.

Anxious to experiment I tried doing what she had described several times without success. Then one evening in bed I noticed a warm sensation between my legs and checked to find my clitoris protruding from my p's. I touched it and continued to apply pressure for a few moments and then had my second and more powerful climax. That was also the first time that I was aware of being really wet. I wanted to have another climax but I decided that I was doing it wrong so I continued to try to make myself cum by placing fingers in my vagina. But I did not cum that way so I went back to touching my clitoris.

For more than a year as I was developing I continued to touch my clit and as I did it seemed to grow larger. I became convinced that it was growing because of what I was doing and that if anyone saw it they would know that I was a secret masturbator. In catholic school we learned how wrong it was to touch yourself and I became convince that my deformed clit was a punishment. My guilt grew through high school and I never had sex of any kind with anyone because I was so embarrassed.

My first year of college I was in a dorm room with a lovely girl who was open about her body and sometimes even masturbated loudly at night. When she walked about the room naked I snuck looks and noticed that her vagina seemed normal. Her clitoris did not protruded by an inch or more at the top of her lips. then it happened. She came home early one evening and caught me after a shower without clothing. "My God she said, you are beautiful without clothing," she said. Then she noticed. "Especially your button!" she added.

I was embarrassed, grabbing for a towel to cover up and crying all at the same time. When she asked what was wrong I told her the entire story including my conviction that my clit was deformed. "Sit down on the couch," she said firmly.

Slowly she slipped my towel away spread my legs and examined me. "Deformed?" Most girls would give anything to have such a nice clit," she told me.

As I began to sob uncontrollably she hugged me and pulled me toward her. Then she kissed me gently on the cheek and whispered that I was beautiful and that it was sad that I didn't know that my vagina and clitoris were "to die for." Her kisses slowly moved to my lips and suddenly we were passionately kissing. Then her fingers made their way to my throbbing clit where her gentle touch resulted in a gasping and screaming orgasm. After I had calmed she laid back on the couch, removed her shorts and brought herself to a climax.

That was five years ago and we are still together. I never would have guessed that I could have a lesbian relationship.



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