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Overnight Stay

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A few weeks ago I went on a business trip that involved an overnight stay, and was accompanied by a female, Shona, who worked for me. After a long drive we arrived at the hotel rather late and when checking in were told by the receptionist that there seemed to have been a mistake, they had only reserved one room for us rather than the two that had been asked for. To make matters worse they were now fully booked and didn't have any other rooms available. I was not at all happy and asked if there were any other hotels in the area, she said one, but when she tried it for us that too was fully booked. The next hotel was about fifteen miles away.

I turned to Shona and asked if she wanted to try that one, but instead she said why didn't we share the room, it was only for one night and she didn't feel like going on any further. I should explain that we have known each other for several years and are good friends socially as well as being work colleagues. Shona is also fairly uninhibited in her views and game for trying things so I wasn't too surprised by her suggestion and I certainly was not going to object. The prospect of sharing a room with her was very appealing to me although I did not expect anything sexual to happen. Shona is in her mid twenties, blonde, attractive and we get on well together, but although I have always fancied her nothing intimate had ever happened between us as she is involved in a long term relationship.

We took the key and went up to the room and on opening the door found that there was one large double bed rather than twins, neither was there a settee or couch for me to sleep on. I offered to speak to the receptionist and see if I could get some bedding to sleep on the floor but Shona told me not to be silly I couldn't do that. She said the bed was plenty big enough for both of us and she trusted me not to do anything I shouldn't!

We went down again and had something to eat and then returned to the room. It was a strange feeling, like being with a girlfriend, but not. I was also beginning to feel quite horny, but had decided I would be well behaved and not try anything on with her. We lay on the bed watching television and chatting until we decided it was time to turn in. Shona asked me what I wore in bed. I usually wear pyjama trousers but told her nothing, and she said neither did she, so we'd have to be careful during the night.

While she went to the bathroom I got undressed, thought about leaving my boxers on, but then decided to take them off and got into bed naked. Shona came out of the bathroom having stripped to her underwear, a black bra and knickers. Seeing her in such little clothing was a thrill to me as I tried not to be too obvious in my staring at her slim waist, bare stomach and legs. She pulled the sheets back and slipped into bed alongside me. There was some wriggling and then her bra emerged and was dropped to the floor, some more wriggling further down and her knickers then followed. As we said goodnight and put the lights out the thought that the two of us were naked together in bed separated only by about eighteen inches of space started to give me an erection. We had both turned our backs to one another, however despite the temptation, I decided I could not masturbate myself in case Shona realised what I was doing, it would have been too embarrassing. Eventually I managed to fall asleep.

Sometime later I awoke and we had both moved. Shona still had her back to me but I was now facing her and we were both more central and therefore closer together in the bed. In the low light I could see her bare shoulder and top of her back. I could smell the remains of her perfume coming from the warmth of her body and my left foot was touching hers. I also realised that she had her bottom pushed out and it was practically touching my groin. Inevitably I started to get an erection again and as my penis stiffened it pushed gently against the soft skin of her bottom. At this stage I should have turned over and away from her but I didn't. Instead I started to slowly clench and release my buttocks, which moved my hips and caused my penis to rub softly against her bare bottom. This was unlikely to make me cum but it felt good and was probably the nearest I would ever get to having sex with her.

Then Shona moved, turning over so that she was facing me. For a moment I thought I'd wakened her and was about to get a telling off for what I'd been doing, but her eyes remained closed and she was still asleep. I was still very aroused and was contemplating turning over and risking stroking myself when I suddenly felt fingers on my penis. Shona's hand closed around my erection and pulled down on my foreskin exposing the head fully. She then started to move her hand up and down my length slowly masturbating me. I studied her face and her eyes remained closed, her breathing even, and to all intents and purposes she was still asleep. I lay there and could feel the familiar feelings begin to build as her hand kept up its work on my erection. I soon reached the point of no return and as I started to cum she squeezed harder as I spurted out a sticky wet puddle into the sheets between us. Her hand then relaxed and let go of my penis and a few seconds later she turned over with her back once again towards me. As my erection subsided I too turned over, mainly to avoid the wet patch I'd created, and fell asleep again.

The next time I awoke it was morning and Shona was awake too. She asked if I'd slept well, which I said I had, but made no mention of what had happened during the night. It was not something that I felt inclined to talk about either. My final thrill though occurred a few minutes later as Shona got out of bed to go to the bathroom. She told me to close my eyes and not to look, but of course I did and was rewarded with a quick glimpse of her naked body, small breasts, full rounded bottom, I had to fight off getting another erection.

I am pretty certain that Shona was awake and knew full well what she was doing as she masturbated me, but there is just a slight possibility that she wasn't, which I like. Either way it is something that I will not forget for a while. We are due to go away again together in a couple of weeks time and I am thinking about 'accidently' booking just one room for us, just to see what happens.



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