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Out of Hand 2

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The next day I woke up with the open toe stockings still on, and the nail polish still on my fingernails and toenails. My ass was very sore from the stretching I had given it the day before. When I thought about the things I had done, my cock immediately became hard again. I lubed up the rotator and shoved it back into my ass. My ass might have been sore, but it seemed like it had been stretched out because I didn't have any problem getting it in. I slowly started stroking my cock. I had intended to edge for a while, but the feelings were so intense, I accidentally went past the point of no return and exploded all over myself.

I cleaned up replaced the rotator with the butt plug and slid some pants on over the stockings. I went out and I was excited just knowing what I had on under my clothes that no one else knew was there. I decided to drive around town feeling the smooth stockings rubbing against my skin. I decided I liked the way girly clothes felt and that I should spend the weekend dressed in them. I went to a drug store and bought some different colors and kinds of pantyhose. Then I went to a lingerie store and bought some lacy panties and negligees. I was getting used to the butt plug now and it was difficult to even know it was there. I decided I needed something bigger. I went back to the adult bookstore and bought an inflatable butt plug and a big dildo with suction cup base. When I got home, I was so excited I didn't know what to do first. I went into the bathroom and tried on every piece of lingerie I had bought. I found some of my wife's make-up and put on the whole deal, eye-liner, blush, mascara, and lipstick. I looked in the mirror and saw a new person.

I removed the butt plug and inserted the inflatable one. Pumping the bulb, I started feeling my ass stretch and it was getting painful. I ignored the pain and continued to pump up the plug. Once it became almost unbearable, I stopped pumping and tried to relax my body. I hit play on the DVD and the she-males appeared again. I slowly stroked my cock. The inflatable plug in my ass was becoming more comfortable, and I gave the bulb a few more squeezes. It was pressing against my prostate in such a way that precum was continuously oozing out of my cock. Then the first one hit me. It was a dry orgasm that was so intense my whole body started shaking. It lasted what seemed like hours, and I was physically drained once it ended. Just when I was starting to catch my breath, the second one hit. It was more intense than the first, and I couldn't keep myself from screaming out in pleasure. I had two or three more after that; I'm not sure which because the next thing I knew I was waking up. I must have passed out from the extreme pleasure and physical exhaustion.

The she-males were still on the screen, and I realized I had bought a toy I hadn't played with yet. I suctioned the big dildo onto the coffee table and impaled my abused ass around it. This was by far the biggest thing I had stuck in my ass, but I was determined to get the whole thing in me. I kept working it in and out until it was buried in me, it's fake nuts touching mine. I slowly started to fuck myself up and down until I had a good rhythm going and my cock started to leak again. I edged like this for at least 20 minutes, slowly but deliberately fucking the huge dildo in my ass. Once I couldn't take it anymore, I sped up and pushed myself over the edge. I exploded in a massive orgasm and was able to catch most of this humongous load in my hand. When I was sure I had milked every last drop into my hand, I licked and sucked all of it into my mouth. I savored the taste and then swallowed it all. I was finally satisfied with my day's experience and wondered what tomorrow would bring. With only 2 days gone out of my wife's 3 week trip, I knew it would be something outrageous and vowed to experiment with everything I could think of before she returned.



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