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'Our Semester Project'

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Story first written by Bill (m), and submitted by Jean (f), concerning a Nephew (20), Aunt (39), Cousin (f, 18) and a nude beach/semester project.


Where I lived there was a nude beach not that terribly far away (which I'd never visited), and closer to it, the house where my aunt and hot female cousin lived (whom I mostly only saw on holidays or other occasions when my parents felt obligated). My mother had little good to say about her sister (my aunt) (which I didn't really understand, with my father only explaining that they were, 'two such very different people'). Mom also had nothing good to say about the beach ('perverts').

One day my cousin let it slip that she and her mother frequently visited the beach (and in the nude!!), and then pledged me to secrecy. (That helped me to understand why the two women were so different. Another might be that my aunt was several years younger than my mother even though my cousin was only two years younger than my twenty.) I researched the subject on the internet, and after much trepidation eventually decided to ask if I could join them one day, willing to promise that my mother would never find out.

I e-mailed my cousin, broached the subject, and told her I wanted to try new things, broaden my horizons, become more sophisticated-and that my privates were ready to go public. Several e-mails followed over a couple months with me stating my case quite well, I thought, including corresponding with my aunt.

That led to an invitation to drop by their house and talk it over further. So one Sunday when I told my mom, 'I have a long meeting scheduled with a group I've been assigned to in a class, to work on our semester project,' I drove over to their house.

When I arrived the three of us went over a number of things I'd already read about nudism on the internet. My aunt seemed to maybe agree that I was ready to try it, with 'one or two reservations.' My aunt told me that since 'young guys often have a problem keeping it down,' it would be a big embarrassment for them to be seen with me if I couldn't, as they are fairly well known on the beach. Then she said, 'We won't take you with us until you can prove to me you are ready, and that you will work with us to help you learn to keep it down. It'll just take a little practice and training.'

'First,' she said continuing, 'take off all your clothes!' Then, as I stood there with my mouth open wondering what to do or say, to my amazement, they started taking off there's as if I wasn't even in the room. Now I was becoming embarrassed looking at their panties and bras which were about to come off, so I followed suit, and it wasn't too long till we were all standing there in out birthday suits. My aunt was surprisingly good looking for her age and my cousin was a real dish, with the cutest perky 'B' boobs.

Then to my astonishment I noticed that both of their pussies were exposed as they had them shaved, plus they made no effort to stand at all 'lady-like' or to cover themselves with their hands. However, I stood out, as my hands were covering my engorged balls and dick. I was torn between turning around to hide them and not wanting to give up my wonderful view. My determination to prove I was a grown man and not some shy schoolboy won out, and allowed me to face them and to reduce to only one hand covering my member. I figured, my companions must have seen plenty of balls before-so they would have to fend for themselves.

Then my aunt said, 'See what I mean, that simply won't do. If you'll do it in front of family, you'd surely do it on the beach. So here's how we'll train it to stay down.' And she handed me a bottle of oil. 'Let's see if you've got as much nerve as you say? It sure looks like you've got balls, now show us you really do, and masturbate for us, right here, right now!'

I was stunned, in front of my younger cousin?? I hadn't figured on this, but then she was right, they were family and I did want to prove to her that I could learn to keep it down and was a man. (From what I've read on the internet, it's just a matter of fully realizing that nude women on a nude beach are no more available for sex than bikini clad ones are on a clothing required beach. Consequently, just like a guy's dick doesn't harden inside his swimsuit in front of a well-filled string bikini, he then learns not to when everyone is nude.)

My aunt laid out a plastic tablecloth in front of me and told me to 'go to it.' 'This is not only to help it to stay down,' she added, 'as you will need to masturbate for us before we go to the beach the first few times to make sure you are fully drained, it will also demonstrate to me you are mentally ready. Just do it like we weren't here, like you've it done a thousand times.' My little cousin then spoke up, 'Don't be embarrassed, it is so beautiful and manly!' 'You do have a nice circumcision,' my aunt said, 'it leaves your dick so smooth and pink, just like it was when I changed your diapers. Every woman's dream.'

I couldn't keep looking them in the eye, so I looked down at it, as I oiled up my fast firming balls and my wooden dick-it was begging for release as never before. Then as I looked up to see my cousin blushing nearly as much as me, with the biggest smile on her face, I was memorized by her cute tits, which she was fondling with increasing rapidity. I started to stroke (and I later could not believe this), I spread my legs and went at it as if I was in the privacy of my own room. I had to have relief no matter who watched, and if it proved my metal, all the better. I stroked, squeezed and massaged my balls and dick with increasing speed and desperation. Its head swelled as never before and I shot out far and wide, gasping for breath, and I noticed my observers had their hands between their legs and their nipples were standing out prominently. Then as they cheered with glee (like spectators to a Fourth of July fireworks), I soon joined them laughing.

However, it wasn't long until I had the problem so many nudist men have, who have learned this lesson. That's not the worry that their dick is exposed or erect, but that it had shrunk too boyishly. I wanted it manly, just not too manly.

After shooting to their astonishment, my aunt said, 'I've seen that happen so many items, but I still will never get tired of it-a true wonder of nature.' 'Here, here,' my cousin trumpeted, as I stood there looking like a boy with it nearly disappearing into my bush.

My aunt added, 'Don't worry son, soon you won't have to fear erections and it will hang soft but prominently. After we've done this a few more times you will be ready, but right now you look like a beginner with that bush between your legs.' Then looking at my cousin and me, she ordered, 'Karen, take him up to your bathroom and shave him like most of the men on the beach are. Bill, don't worry, she has lots of experience shaving extremities, and won't cut you. Then we'll have lunch in the nude on the patio, and afterwards continue the lessons.'

I turned to follow Karen's luscious butt as it ascended the stairs, wondering what adventures lay ahead for this small town boy, as our group continued working on our 'term project' most weekends!

The end for now! This story can continue on to chapter two if there are enough positive comments. (Please comment if you have something positive or constructive to add.)

(Ch 2? As she watched them disappear up the stairs his aunt forgot about the nude beach for a moment, and thinking about her ex's, wondered how many times he could cum in one day by their hands.)



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