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Our Mutual Fun

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This is our story


My wife Diana and I are two very sexual people who just happen to love masturbation. We view it as an important part of our private sexuality. It's not just the pleasure of masturbation that we enjoy, it's also the pleasure we get from watching the other stimulating themselves to incredible sexual heights. I suppose, in a way, that also makes us voyeurs which we also enjoy. To that end, we both get tremendous enjoyment viewing erotic material in the many forms that are available today - such as photographs, erotic art, erotic books, and adult videos. We also freely admit that upon many occasions we have had the pleasure of actually seeing other couples engaged in sex; thanks to some hot summer nights and a very uninhibited neighboring couple. Traveling abroad to certain vacation destinations where other vacationers tend to be much less inhibited helps as well.

Getting back to where I started, Diana and I both love masturbation and regularly incorporate it as an important part of our private sexual enjoyment. By being very open about our masturbation fun we have been able to incorporate several unique activities that are for our individual as well as mutual pleasure. We almost always engage in some type of masturbation in foreplay and many times we never actually get to the point of intercourse because we prefer one of our 'special games' as Diana likes to call it.

We had only been married a short time when, by accident, something happened that had the effect of exposing our mutual enjoyment of masturbation to each other. One afternoon I unexpectedly came home early from work and upon entering the house I called to my wife but got no answer. I heard the water running in the bathtub in our bathroom so I made my way through the house assuming that my wife could not hear me over the sound of the running water. As I approached the bathroom I glimpsed through the crack in the door, my wife, nude, lying back in the bathtub with her legs up against the wall and her pussy directly below the waterspout so that the full force of the hot water coming out of the faucet was rushing over her clitoris. I vaguely remembered hearing somewhere that this was a technique of masturbation that some women preferred but this was the first time I had ever seen it. Her loud moans could be heard over the sound of the running water and I immediately realized that that was why she hadn't heard me come home.

I stood frozen, peering through the crack in the door at the erotic scene before me. The longer I watched, the more aroused I became, and very quietly I took my own clothes off and began to slowly stroke my cock which had been hard, and erect from the moment I first saw her in the bathtub. I had become so involved with the intense pleasure that I was feeling that I lost track of time. Before I knew it I realized that she was just a few moments from a very intense orgasm. A few hard strokes on my penis and I was right there with her. The familiar signs and sounds were evident and as she started to cum I pushed open the door and walked into the bathroom. Both of us were well past the point of stopping and as she arched her back and let out a deep moan my cock ejaculated a stream of cum wildly into the air. Some of my cum hit the tile on the wall above the bathtub and some landed in the bathtub water that surrounded her nude body. Her orgasm was so strong she was unable to move for several moments and she just layback in the warm water panting and moaning as her pleasure subsided within her. I was surprised at how strong my own orgasm was and I continued to pump small globs of cum out of my cock as the water from the faucet was still continuing to splash over her swollen clitoris.

My knees were so weak from the strong orgasm that I sat down on the cool tile floor next to the bathtub and looked at her. Neither of us said anything about what had just happened, we simply lingered in the special moment that we had just shared. Without ever actually discussing it I suspected that Diana masturbated often in those first few years that we were married. I did. But this was the first time we had ever done it together or even acknowledged to each other the fact that we masturbated.

After a few minutes of relaxation Diana slowly, and with much deliberation, lowered her slim legs from their elevated position against the wall and pushed herself back up the tub away from the faucet. I climbed over the edge of the tub to join her and sat between her legs facing her in the warm water. She held her eyes closed and I took in every part of her nude body, as she lay half submerged in the water around us. I can still remember how, at that very moment, I was almost overwhelmed by her beauty.

Her breathing was still labored from the intense pleasure she had just experienced. Moving her arm slowly she brought it out of the water at her side and gently placed her hand over her vulva. For a moment she simply held it there before she began to stimulate her clitoris with her middle finger. Even though Diana had enjoyed an intensely strong orgasm it just made her want more.

I said nothing as I simply watched her. Soon my whole focus was on her hand as her slender fingers gently probed her own cunt. I tried to imagine what the delicious pleasure that was beginning to build in her must be like. Very quickly her body was beginning to tense-up and the rhythm of her fingers was increasing. My cock was hard again. Which was unusual so quickly after my last ejaculation but I began to stroke it slowly in time with her fingering of herself. As my pleasure began to rise I closed my eyes and imagined myself slipping into her wet cunt. When I opened them again Diana was still fingering her clit and vagina with alternating strokes and she was staring with an almost mesmerizing gaze at my cock, as I was jacking-off.

We only exchanged occasional, brief, eye-to-eye glances as we both masturbated, and instead we both held our intense gazes on each other's hands as we gave ourselves pleasure. I sensed that Diana was holding back, waiting until I came once more. My hand increased its speed as I jacked-off even harder and before long I could feel the feeling of the building pressure that always accompanied the feeling of pleasure somewhere near the base of my cock. In a few more strokes I felt my cum shoot up the length of my hard penis and begin to spew out the opening in crystal-clear blobs. The sight of my ejaculate caused Diana to arch her back and experience another hard, body-shuddering orgasm from her plunging fingers.

Since that afternoon our masturbation fun has increased as we have experimented in so many ways. We have developed certain fantasies that revolve around the different methods of getting ourselves off. We have taken hundreds of photographs and videos and we have even met another couple who, we learned very quickly, share our intense love for this wonderful side of our sex lives.



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