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Our 'Fun Time'

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My friend Katie and I were friends from the time we were just little kids. We were close and did a lot of stuff together, and it figures that when we reached a certain age that we became curious.

One night when she was over at my house and we were watching a movie in my room while our parents watched one downstairs, I began noticing her body for the first time. She was beginning to grow breasts and was wearing a bra. She was wearing a light blue tank top, and it was pulled up a bit so I could see her belly. She turned over on her side, and when she did I could see the top of her panties. It was then I got an idea.

'Hey Kate?' I asked.


'You wanna...um...play a game?'

'Ok, what?'

'Uh, well...it's where we try like kissing and stuff.'


'You want to?'

'Umm..sure...I guess.'

My heart was beating so quickly as I reached in to kiss her. I was going slowly, starring at her mouth. Then she moved quickly forward and kissed me, but it was only a quick one. 'Hey no fair!' I said, and she giggled. This time I moved in quickly and we kissed longer and more passionately. After a few minutes we broke off to catch our breath. 'I liked that a lot' she said with a smile. 'Me too...hey...do you want to try other stuff?' I said, and she asked like what. I told her that we'd take turns taking off one item of clothing.

I started by removing my shirt, then she did the same. She was wearing a yellow bra with red polka dots. I stared at her chest for a moment before removing my pants, which she then did. She was wearing blue panties and I could see the outline of her slit. Then I removed my socks and said 'Ok...you have to remove your bra now...' She said ok and reached behind her nervously, unhooking it slowly. My dick started getting stiff, and it was very noticeable. She pulled the bra away finally, and there her lovely little breasts were. Pale with light brown nipples that were currently stiff.

I stared at them for a long time. 'Can I feel them?' I asked. 'Sure' she said nervously. I reached up and took one in each hand, groping them gently. I ran my fingers along her hard nipples and she moaned softly. Then I pulled away. 'Ok...last step...let's do it together.' So we removed our underwear together, revealing our privates. She immediately noticed my hard dick and stared wide eyed. Her pussy was so lovely, just a beautiful little slit. 'Why..why is your..thing...like that?' she asked. 'I don't know...it did that when you were taking off your bra.' I said. She just stared at it, then asked 'Can I feel it?' I nodded and she began rubbing it gently, and it felt so nice.

As she rubbed I stared down at her pussy, then suddenly I had the urge to feel it. So I did, and so we sat there rubbing each other. Then we looked at each other and kissed passionately again. Soon we were laying on the bed making out as we rubbed each other. It was so wonderful. After a while I orgasmed, but nothing came out then.

I laid there looking at her afterward, and then I held her. Soon we got dressed again when we realized anyone could just walk in, and then shared more kisses as we cuddled on my bed.

After that night, we would always kiss at every chance we got, and when we could we would have our 'fun time' again. We are dating now, but now our 'fun time' is a little different...



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