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Orgasm in the Stirrups

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I've been going to the gynecologist for 20 years and this has never happened to me before. Recently I had my yearly gyn exam.
When I arrived at the office to check in, the nurse informed me that my doctor was called to hospital on an emergency and that her partner would be doing the exam. No big deal I thought to myself when I suddenly realized that her partner was a male. Now I have been examined by male doctors before, but for some reason the thought of this doctor checking out my pussy started to get me excited. Now I don't know of any woman who actually enjoys a pelvic exam, but here I was sitting in the waiting room thinking of what this male doctor was going to do to me. The nurse finally called my name and I was off to the exam room.
After a few routine questions she handed me the white sterile gown and told me to take all my clothes off. She then left the room while I disrobed. While removing my panties, I noticed that my bush was quite moist. I couldn't believe it.
I'm about to be probed in a very sensitive area and I'm getting turned on. Why was this happening. I know I have refrained from sex and masturbating for the last few days, but I didn't realize that I was this horny. I was getting embarrassed. What was this doctor going to think of me when he starts the exam and see's how wet my pussy is. I was trying to think of what to say when there was knock on the door. In walked the doctor. Just an average looking man. This was the guy I was getting all worked up about. This was the guy who got my pussy all wet. I must be dreaming, I thought. He introduced himself and asked me a few questions.
I have no idea what he said. My pussy is wet and my clit is throbbing for attention and he's about to start feeling my boobs. I'm not sure I could go thru with this. He came over to me at the exam table and started to undo the top of the gown. Out popped my 36c's with the nipples hard and erect.
He started with the right one feeling all around. When he touched my rock hard nipple I let out a small moan. He did the same to my left boob. Telling me everything looked fine, he had me slide down to the end of the table. Up popped the stirups and before I knew it my legs were up in them and my pussy exposed to the doctor. You have no idea how much I wanted to touch myself. I was that turned on. The doctor was washing his hands for what I thought should be a very interesting exam. The sound of the plastic gloves being pulled on meant that he was about to start exploring and probing me. Well it didn't take long for me to have my first of many orgasms. As he started to touch the hood of my clit, I let out another small moan. He looked up and asked if I was nervous. Oh yes I was nervous. He then proceeded to look at my throbbing clit. Looks good he said again without actually touching it. Maybe I should touch it for him and he could get a good look at how well it really works. Next it was the part of the exam that every woman loves. The speculum. Normally I hate this cold piece of steel being inserted into and stretching my pussy wide, but this was not a normal exam.
As he started to insert the speculum, he grazed my clit with his hand. Another orgasm. Now the speculum was inside my pussy and I felt like holding it in until I could cum. Removing it from my warm pussy the doctor then took the sample and placed it on a slide. Now it was time to get fingered. Oh how I wanted to guide the doctors hand up to my g-spot. Inserting his lubricated fingers into my pussy he started to probe me. With the other hand rubbing my stomach, I was about to cum again. Little moans where coming out of me as his fingers probed deep inside my pussy. I was about to lose control when he removed them from me. Now the exam was almost over. Only the rectal part was left. The doctor then put on a clean pair of gloves. This was the part of the exam where I was about to be fingered in my pussy and ass at the same time. If only I could touch my clit while the doctor was doing this to me. With what seemed to be a mountain of lube on his gloves he inserted one finger into my ass, then with his other hand a finger into my pussy. It seemed like he fingered me for a longer than usual time, but by now,I didn't care. I was about to have another orgasm. This was unreal. As he removed his fingers from me I could feel my cum leaking from my pussy. I needed to finish what he started really bad. He said something to me about everything looking good and he would call me with the results. As he left the room he said it was a pleasure to meet me and to take my time getting dressed. He then locked the door from the inside and left. He knew all along how much I was enjoying the exam.
I then proceeded to finger my pussy and massage my throbbing clit to an intense and very wet orgasm.



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