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Organ Loft

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At my college, we have 'optionals' in our music course. I chose to take organ lessons, but with no resident organ teacher, they had to find one for me. The organ in the college chapel is rarely played other than by students.


It is old, my college, and the organ is built on a stone screen. There is a small spiral staircase and then a wooden one to get to the console.

My organ teacher is, ok, sexy. But then, I find most men sexy in some way or other. He is patient and I soon learned that organ playing is not in any way lady-like. With some of the pieces I was studying requiring one foot at one end of the pedal board and the other at the opposite end. Sitting there with my legs spread in front of a hunky looking guy was in itself enough to make me creamy.

The lessons were good...VERY good. I would usually manage to get quite aroused. If you have never played an organ full bore, you have missed something. The sheer power of the sound and those low frequencies really do things to a girl!

It started with practice really. I could only go to the organ in the let afternoons or early evenings. I had my own chapel and organ keys and I could literally lock myself in up there. So, I got a bit daring. I started to take my skirt or pants off when I practiced, just sitting there in my panties. Naturally that soon became sitting there buck naked, followed by jilling off gently on the seat. Now the organ has a sort of gallery all around it. Round the back is the music store and a small armchair. That soon became my jilling off space. But then, sometimes I used to lie flat on the carpet and imagine my hunky organ teacher screwing me up there.

To get to the console required walking actually through part of the instrument. Either side of the walkway, you could see the trackers and ranks of pies. Some of them were so small, others, like the ones right at the back were 32feet tall and really big. (Yes, I DID wonder if an alternative use could be made of a pipe just the right size...but no... sorry, never actually did.)

The kinkiest and best masturbatory session happened as a real fuck up on my part. I had locked the chapel, but not the door to the organ gallery. I had practised and got all horny as usual, and had stripped naked and walked around to my jilling place. This was going to be a flat-on-the-back one as I really ached to be laid.

So there I was, with a large stained glass window casting shards of colour all over me, lying on that threadbare, dusty old carpet with my legs spread and two fingers inside me. I was imagining my organ tutor forcing me to fuck him. I have a really good rape fantasy. I got to the part where he had thrown me to the ground and had pulled my clothes off and was about to make me pregnant.

I was about to cum but, and I don't know why, I opened my eyes and looked straight into the eyes of one of the boy choristers! He could not have been more than 14, but there was no stopping me. I came in a series of grunts and moans and gasps.

He stood there, eyes wide like saucers and when I finished he said in a very plaintif voice. 'I'm locked in.' He had stayed late to tidy up the choir rehearsal room and stupidly, I had locked the main door but NOT the organ loft. He had heard me playing so he knew someone was here. So...MAJOR moment. I reached for my clothes and pulled my panties and t shirt then skirt on. He stood there still in his regulation cassock. (All the choristers have to wear a cassock at all times in chapel.) But I did notice a bulge in the front. Bless him he didn't say a word as I got dressed and for a moment, I thought I had got away with it. Then he said. 'Its ok. We do it too.' I said 'What?' He replied 'We older boys jack off too. Sometimes we don't wear anything under our cassocks either. Just for a laugh.' As I locked the keyboard cover and put my music away, I was suddenly torn with the idea of jacking him off. I said 'So.. er.....you saw me having some fun huh?' He muttered 'Yeah. Looked great.' 'So, do you need to ummm do anything.' He said 'Wouldn't mind.' So I said 'Hey, go for it.' I reached forward but he stepped away. Then he got his cock out (he WAS naked under his cassock) and masturbated while I watched.

Now, I have to say, watching this teenage boy rub himself was the most erotic thing I have EVER done. There was something so innocent about it.. AND the fact that he didnt want me to touch him. Bless... he just wasn't ready for that yet.

He spurted all over that old carpet and we left it there to dry.

At 14, the boys no longer sing. Most leave the choir, but two or three are kept on as emeritus choristers until their voice breaks properly. Then they may either rejoin the choir as what is stupidly called 'Lay Vicars' or go on for musical scholarships at the local cathedral school. For main services, Christmas and Easter we borrow the sub organist of the cathedral.

We became pretty good friends after that and eventually we got into a little mutual masturbation before I left the college.

I would have been his first in the blink of an eye, and still I masturbate thinking about him.



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