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Only for Her

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From down under and out of the blue!


It started last weekend when I decided I hadn't seen my sister for some time. She is a single mum as of recently, her husband was a drunken abusive moron so no great loss. She runs her own business and has two teenage children,(my niece and nephew) who are pretty good kids usually. Well my girl had decided to go down south to visit her kids and my kids have lives of there own so I was off to my sisters. I finished work on Saturday morning and headed off, and arrived at her place in time for lunch.

My sister and I have always been the closest in our family, we are the only misbehaving two out of six in our clan. We have always been able to talk about anything at all at anytime and have watched out for each other many times over the years. I knocked on the door and walked in, sis was in the kitchen making lunch, we did the kissy-huggy thing and made small talk. My sister stands a massive 5ft2in and weighs in at about 55kg and I would say 36c at the breasts with a mum bum and hips, all in all a more than pleasurable sight with dark long hair and dark eyes and tan complextion she looks about 34-5 and for nearly 50 I'm impressed.

The kids were out and staying at friends so we settled in and started on seeing how each other was doing. I could tell after some time she has and is burying herself in the kids and work as that was all she could talk about except for how much an asshole the ex is!!. So I decided to take over the conversation and turn it to more fun things plus I knew she wasn't getting sex so I asked what she did for her own entertainment and all I got was a 'not much', shit!. Ok, next idea tell her about Solo Touch as it was all I could think of to try and get her to lighten up and that lead to a more interesting look on her face. So away I went in detail about how and why and what leads me to Solo Touch each day on my break and she just looked at me gobsmacked. I then said come on let's go to the computer and I'll show ya.

She was wearing a light cloth type red top, and cut off jean pants that were really cut short but I couldn't see any underwear so I figured there must be a thong under there and no bra as her breasts were bouncing and jiggling as she walked. I was paying more attention and talking about Solo Touch the more I could feel my cock starting to harden. We set up and I left her for awhile to read as I went to put on some music, when I came back she was intently watching the screen reading the stories. She had one leg up on the chair and she was sitting, resting her elbow on her knee and I could see, as I approached, down the cut off sleeve to her left breast to one very hard nipple and a white lace thong at the back sticking out of the top of her shorts.

When I glanced down to see a small touch of lace at the crutch either side of the seam on her pants and my cock hardened like instant cement. I said how is it and she said it was great and turned to me with a big smile as she turned back to the screen. I noticed she had a quick glance at my obvious hard on in my jeans but kept reading. I said I'm going for a shower as I had been working and was really needing to let my cock loose and work it over. Once under the warm water and my cock standing erect for some soapy attention away I went. I was enjoying my cock so much I came fairly quickly and gave off four or five hard ropes of cum through the air onto the shower screen. I cleaned it up and turned off the water only to find no towel hanging up.

I called out for sis and she said she will get one, then knocked on the door. I said come in I won't get embarrassed (and my cock had nearly gone down), an arm stuck through the door and I said I can't reach over there! just come in!, so with that sis walked in with her eyes shut and stood there. I said bloody hell sis ya seen a man in the shower before, she smiled opened her eyes and said yeah but not since you was eight years old and laughed looking into my eyes. She shifted her gaze down to my cock and was surprised when she realised I had not only grown but was completely shaved, I had forgoten about that as I hadn't had pubic hair for years now as my girlfriend (and me) like it that way, we are both shaved. Sis said it looked good and left saying she would have a shower too.

I put on a shirt and just my own thong and went to make us some soft drinks as I was thirsty, but sis was already in the shower. I said her drink was ready and she said she would have it in the shower. I knocked and asked if I could come in and she said if I wasn't bothered neither was she. When I walked in she had her head back rinsing off the shampoo and both breasts were pointing straight out firm, with hard wet nipples, the water running down her stomach and over a very trim pussy mound to the floor. It seemed as if it was forever as I was staring at her but as her head flung forward and she cleared her eyes I was turning to leave.

My thong was straining to hold my wet, just over eight inch fat cock. Luckily my shirt was long enough to hide the wet patch on my thong when she came out. She had a full length robe buttoned to the middle only and as she walked it would gape at the front a little to show a small red lace thong covering the small strip of pubic hair I had seen in the shower, and I tried not to stare. We sat and ate dinner and read some more Solo Touch then retired to watch some tv by the fire in the lounge. The next I remember was waking later that night and looked around to see sis asleep on the big rug on the floor near me. She was lying face down, her arms under a pillow under her head, the tv was off but the fire glow showed her gown had moved over to one side showing her body from toe to shoulder, her right breast against the rug and her thong firmly between her ass cheeks.

My cock was so hard it ached and I had to remove my thong to release the pressure as it slapped hard against my belly as I stood up naked except for my shirt and I slowly stroked my cock staring at her in the firelight. I went to the bathroom to masturbate as pre-cum was already showing but when I got there I saw a bottle of massage oil and had a thought to do my sister a favour. I grabbed the lotion and went back not knowing how this would turn out but I was so hot at the sight of her I couldn't resist the thought of how she felt under my hands.

I slowly ran the oil down the spine of her back to the crack of her ass and then started to massage her all over starting at her shoulders. Then down each side letting my fingers brush across her bulging breasts, down to her ass and slowly pushing her thong strap down a little to get my hands a little closer to the full feeling of her cheeks. Each time I came down I could start to feel movement in her body and her ass would rise towards me and the legs part a little till I had her thong down now to her knees and off. I then started on her legs working from the feet up to her thighs letting both thumbs brush near the glistening wet lips of her pussy.

I sat astride her legs facing up going from feet to shoulders each time my cock rubbed against her ass, my pre-cum mixing with the oil. I stopped at her cheeks and slowly slid my hand down between her legs and letting my thumb enter her hot wet pussy and my index finger on her clit gave her the best jilling I could. Her wetness was all over my hand as she moaned and ground on my hand till her climax overtook her whole body, pushing up and back till she was now on her hands and knees her pussy in my face cumming over and over with my fingers plunging in and out. She collapsed to the floor panting for breath laying on her side, eyes closed, a content look on her face. I lay beside her and we both drifted off to sleep........NEXT TIME.



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